More you should know about Coliseum Hockey

by:  Diane Benjamin

If the Bloomington City Council doesn’t void the contract with Central Illinois Arena Management (CIAM) for violating the terms, this could be who they are bringing in:

And this is the group I was told by two sources would be the ownership group of the USHL Bloomington entry.  One helluva group, for sure.     Consolidated Sports Holdings, INC

It sounded good until I found this site:

“Consolidated Sports Holdings had not been living up to the terms of its operating and licensing agreement in both monetary and non-monetary ways, and thereby defaulted on its license,” Hoffman said.

How many hockey teams is the Coliseum up to?  I lost count.

The Bloomington City Council has the opportunity to create an equitable contract instead of one that doesn’t hold CIAM accountable.  While they are at it, whatever contract they have with BMI Concessions should also be voided, I’m sure they can come up with a reason.  It appears the City has never made an effort to hold them accountable since no financial statements are available and their operation is not audited.  Taxpayers are left paying the bills while the tenants have no transparency or accountability.

Sweet deal! (for everyone but you)  Watch the 7 potted plants work their magic.



3 thoughts on “More you should know about Coliseum Hockey

  1. BLN, your point may be well-advised but will certainly not be well-taken by a City Council that has absolutely no input nor engagement in the process until all the particulars and details are completed and agreed to by all other parties, and only then in order to provide their stamp of consensus approval as a formality and to make it legal, nothwithstanding two dissenters.
    Blame may be laid at the feet of Mayors and City Managers again and again, but in the end the Council Members are the sole facilitators of public policy gone astray.

  2. As sad as this era of city councils have become pathetic and somehow only get worse I do find this comment, “Watch the 7 potted plants work their magic.” rather amusing.

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