Pantagraph: Brady isn’t interested in Illinois

by:  Diane Benjamin

My TITLE is what the Pantagraph title should have been.

With a large picture of Bill Brady on the front page of the Pantagraph today, the story is really what they  didn’t report.  The Pantagraph will never report anything negative about real estate agents, developers, or car dealers because of advertising dollars.  The Pantagraph would be out of business without their bucks.

To get any real news, the Chicago Tribune is one place to look.  Last February they researched and ran a negative story about Brady and a deal in Gibson City.

In February they also ran this article:

Brady has had numerous business ventures, ranging from what he said was a money-losing stake in a local semiprofessional football team to a real estate business with 16 employees in Florida, where he also owns a condominium.

The voters of McLean County weren’t told of Brady’s ties to Florida!  Thanks Pantagraph.  Brady looks like just another politician waiting to collect a pension before getting the heck out of Illinois.  He is following in the footsteps of former Gov. Jim Edgar.

The Pantagraph has also failed to report the outrage many in the GOP feel against Bill Brady for loosing in 2010.  He ran a lousy campaign, never countering the attacks by Governor Quinn in Chicago.  Because of the Brady loss, the Democrats got to draw the new district maps.  They carved the state up to make sure Democrats dominated local elections for 10 years until the maps are drawn again.  Bill Brady is personally responsible for the destruction caused by Gov Quinn, Mike Madigan, and John Cullerton.

The campaign contributions to the Brady campaign and the low vote totals he received reflect this reality.  The GOP won almost everything in 2010, Brady lost.  The citizens of Illinois are being raped and robbed by the Democrats in charge because of it.  Bill may be a nice guy, but the Pantagraph is too jaded by advertising dollars to report the truth.

Here’s a clue for you Pantagraph:  Bruce Rauner won the nomination because the citizens are sick of Illinois government.  Most of the Illinois GOP are a worthless bunch of political hacks who aren’t working for the citizens.  The Illinois death spiral continues, mostly unreported by media like the Pantagraph.  If the Pantagraph was an actual government watchdog, they would be hammering Illinois government – including local.  Bruce Rauner is the final hope for saving the state.  Many citizens have already left, MANY more will leave if Rauner can’t stop the destruction.  Voters knew the other 3 candidates weren’t capable of doing it after spending decades in Springfield.

I’m not expecting a change, the Pantagraph can’t afford to report the news.





One thought on “Pantagraph: Brady isn’t interested in Illinois

  1. I think Billy’s a baffoon, a spoiled brat and totally incapable of articulating conservative principles let alone leading.

    BUT, in his defense what his business adventures in the state of Florida tell us is that Illinois is not a business friendly climate and who can blame him for going elsewhere to expand. It’s the same thing State Farm is doing and countless others are going to lead a mass exodus if we don’t clean house in Illinois government.

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