Golf pays for itself? Hahaha UPDATE

by:  Diane Benjamin

Both Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner and Golf guy Jason Wingate were on WJBC this morning.  Both mentioned that golf pays for itself in Bloomington.  Both were telling you that OPERATIONS pays for itself, but golf revenue doesn’t cover maintenance and required capital improvements.  If golf did fund itself, why would $250,000 be in the 2015 budget to resurface the cart paths at Prairie Vista:  (click on the picture to enlarge)


Public officials – frequently leave some details out. Pesky details get in the way of their agenda.  Since Mayor Renner has proven that leaving out details is part of his talking points, keep that in mind the next time you hear him speak.

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I just found this projection in Book 2 of the Proposed budget Page 158:

It shows a projected loss of $193,008 for golf operations at Highland.


Prairie Vista shows a profit of $184,245.

The Den shows a loss of $150,308.

That’s on overall loss, not a profitable operation!






One thought on “Golf pays for itself? Hahaha UPDATE

  1. A quarter of a million dollars for Golf is not the same as paying for itself. It appears that Mayor Renner is taking lessons from his old pal Obama when it comes to telling people what they “want” to hear instead of the TRUTH!

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