Local Hockey-it’s not a sports story UPDATE

by:  Diane Benjamin

The Pantagraph has the demise of local professional hockey in the sports section today.   The real story isn’t hockey, it is City oversight of a building that is costing taxpayers a lot of money.  Putting the story in the Sports section is an attempt to cover up the truth.  I’ve written many stories about the lack of oversight by the City and the costs taxpayers are paying for it.  Just Search Coliseum.

The Management Agreement the City of Bloomington has with the management of the Coliseum (CIAM) clearly states they are required to maintain a Professional Sports Franchises.  CIAM is now dropping the professional hockey franchise.  The only remaining question:  Is the City is going to allow them to violate the contract?



This change requires City Council approval!  Funny how changes were announced before the Council voted.  The Seven Potted Plants must be lined up and ready to vote Yes, who cares about a contract or citizens!




See the management agreement here:

Management Agreement CIAM

I guarantee the City is NOT going to hold CIAM accountable unless your aldermen hear from you.

Email them:  http://www.cityblm.org/index.aspx?page=48

The Coliseum was a disaster for taxpayers from the beginning, it’s time the City start correcting the errors caused by previous City management and elected officials.

See page 111 of the management agreement.  It shows  projected income for the first 3 years.  It’s not even close the reality.  More proof government isn’t capable of operating a business.

Mayor Renner claims he is a reformer.  Prove it mayor.  Instead of asking for more taxes, here’s your chance to plug a big hole in the budget.  Get a management contract that is equitable to all sides, not just the management company.

See this post for an example of an arena contract that’s fair.  http://blnnews.com/2014/02/17/coliseum-management-incentivised-to-cheat-not-do-well/





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