Renner’s Alderman

by:  Diane Benjamin

When Jennifer McDade resigned her seat on the Bloomington City Council, Mayor Tari Renner appointed Joni Painter.

I received a copy of the following email today from an unexpected source, and a source the City would never suspect.  Evidently some Council members like to share emails!   The citizens are disgusted with their government.  They know I will tell them the truth.  Sorry Mayor, I’m finding it increasing hard to keep with the whistle-blower tips.

See what you think taxpayers:

To: City Council and Mayor@Cityblm
From: Joni Painter/Cityblm
Date: 03/27/2014 02:17PM
Subject: bike paths

Hello all,

I just got a call from a constituent, Bob Rexroat.  He pitched an idea to me that I feel has some merit.  He said that since more bike paths are in our future, why don’t we make riders get a license each year for their bikes?  It would help pay for the paths.

When I grew up in Wisconsin in the middle of the last century, I had to get a new bike license every year.  It didn’t cost much and I don’t know what the proceeds were used for, but nobody squealed about it.

At any rate, I told Bob I would pass his idea on to the mayor and the rest of the council.

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12 thoughts on “Renner’s Alderman

  1. Not to bright, let’s just call her Alderwoman Dim Bulb. Not only has she appeared clueless on the issues and unprepared for the last two Council meetings, but if I was Renner, I’d be really embarrassed by the way she just doesn’t get it. I think you have to be pretty clueless to know by now that the peep’s in this city want no more taxes, no more fees, yada, yada, yada. If I was her , I wouldn’t have sent this around. BUT HEY, MAYBE SHE MIGHT BE OUR BEST FRIEND?

  2. I am not a fan of more fees and taxes but in this case I say let ’em pay! To ride on the fancy new paths you must pay. If not on the path, no charge.

    1. Mudd Mudd Mudd: So, we are going to pay police to ticket bike riders without licenses PLUS hire more staff to process applications and renewal forms? Think consequences!

      1. Simple, let the fees pay for the services provided. Every motor vehicle on the road has to pay, (even an attached 2wheel trailer must be licensed) why not these folks that are demanding unnecessary dollars be spent? Boats, canoes, kyaks, etc. must pay fees. How many police officers on the lake? Why should bicyclists get a free ride? Either use what is already there without further burdening your fellow taxpayers or put your money where your mouth is. They want, want, want, let them pay, pay, pay!

  3. What about insurance, bike inspection stickers, speed limits, DUI check points,or lets just make the bike paths toll roads, or what about fines for parking your bike for more than 30 minutes?

      1. So, how much is a bike license? How BIG do you what government to get? Keep in mind, new employees come with new pensions we can’t fund now.

  4. I grew up with the same thing (bicycle licenses). One of the advantages was that the serial number of the bike was then registered with the PD, so they knew who owned it if it was stolen and recovered.

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  5. Web staff I am not sure why you keep on me about the bicyclists paying some fees for the services they demand. The local Blo-No bike group I’m sure will remind you that they are little angels and will never do any wrongs to warrant a ticket so quit worrying. Gees, if you want to dance, you got to pay the band! Let them pay their own way or go away! I am sick and tired of my taxes being increased to pay for every stupid project that comes around!

  6. The Bloomington City Council just goes from bad to worse. It seems just when I say, “you’ve got to be kidding me,” I have to say it again and then again. Hales wanting to hire 17 new employees and now this. It ought to scare the hell out of all of us that we’ve got idiots like this driving the bus.

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