Defeat Dickie: Round 2

by:  Diane Benjamin

Dickie Durbin on Social Security:
Meet the Press
MR. GREGORY:  Senator Durbin?

SEN. DURBIN:  David, if I could say this about Social Security.


SEN. DURBIN:  I–first, I want to thank my colleague for the kind words. Social Security does not add one penny to the deficit.  Social Security untouched will make every promised payment for more than 25 years.  But the deficit commission was given a charge, add 75 more years of solvency to Social Security.  It came up with an approach.  I think, frankly, another commission, Pete Domenici and Alice Rivlin’s commission, came up with a better approach. We need to move on Social Security, but let’s put it on a track that runs parallel but separate to deficit reduction.  The Social Security program, as it’s currently put together, does not have any impact on the deficit.
MR. GREGORY:  Senator Graham, is that–I mean…

SEN. GRAHAM:  If I could just–well, that–let’s just…

MR. GREGORY:  …few people believe that there’s not an arithmetic problem with Social Security.

See more analysis here:

Now for some facts from the White House Office of Management and Budget.  Look at the NET line under Social Security.  Those NEGATIVE numbers mean Social Security IS adding to the deficit and DEBT!  Receipts are not keeping pace with payouts.  Dickie is lying hoping you don’t know the facts!  Had enough yet?






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