Community Health Care Story problems

By:  Diane Benjamin

The paper did a story about the Community Health Care Clinic:


undocumented infrast

Illegal aliens can’t legally work, what infrastructure work are they doing?  Slave labor?

Bloomington changed the JM Scott Healthcare Trust because they didn’t have many people needing help.  At the time they blamed the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid expansion.

This was included in the sidebar:

undoc local gov

Does that mean local governments are funding healthcare for illegal aliens?

Just asking!

American citizens were fined for not having health insurance because of ObamaCare.  The fine was eliminated under the tax reform bill starting this year.  Actual citizens did get less respect than illegals.

Every citizen can buy ObamaCare insurance.  It is heavily subsidized based on income.  Illinois has greatly expanded Medicaid.  Evidently socialized medicine isn’t working.

8 thoughts on “Community Health Care Story problems

  1. Funny. I had to make a choice this year, healthcare or homeless. I went with no healthcare. I did call the Community Health Care Clinic. They couldn’t get me in. Maybe it was my name,…maybe it’s because I don’t work with infrastructure. Perhaps it’s because I have a legal Social Security number and I pay State and Federal taxes.

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  2. “They do a lot of the infrastructure work and KEEP OUR community growing” WTH??? Does this mean they are TAKING jobs from people who ARE from HERE and HAVE DOCUMENTATION (ATTN JEN) and willing to work and CANNOT for a decent wage because some “illegal” is doing it for “cut rate”??
    I have NOTHING against people coming to AMERICA as LEGAL citizens, but as for people that are NOT documented> Ask Nancy Pelosi WHO drove HER car 20 years ago and get back to me on THAT ONE!!
    EVERYONE NEEDS a Chinese spy in the woodwork!!
    JUST because the politicians BREAK the laws does NOT mean that we should too! We SHOULD be BETTER then THEM!

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  3. So I’m paying 2 thousand dollars a month for healthcare & the illegals are getting taxpayer subsidized free healthcare? Anyone see how back asswards this is?

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    1. Yes DJ I do. It needs to end now. If these doctors want to pay for it let them. If OSF AND ADVOCATE want to do this let them. However if they want to do it they should not be allowed to receive any tax dollars including Medicaid and Medicare.


  4. Is the Community Health Care Clinic another organization with Leftist/misguided/UnAmerican priorities that is supported with your United Way contributions, like the YWCA?

    Sadly, afraid I already can guess the answer.


      1. That’s just dandy–so your United Way contribution DIRECTLY funds Marxist subversion.

        It’s past time to cut them off!


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