VenuWorks fail

By:  Diane Benjamin

I’ve heard numerous times about the lack of people working Coliseum events.  Last night was no exception.

I believe the final hockey game to ever be played at the arena took place last night.  A local business sponsored suites and handed out free tickets.

According to an attendee, there was only 1 person who occasionally took orders in the suite areas.  The stands would not take orders from the suites and deliver drinks.  VenuWorks could have made a lot more money if staff had been available.

Of course, why would VenuWorks care about Food and Beverage sales when the City is only giving them 5% of sales?  Would that even cover more staff?

From the contract:  PDF page 11


Attendance was dismal, but “Quality of Life” means government forces you to fund this loser:




7 thoughts on “VenuWorks fail

  1. First time to reply, but not the last. So, I see we are bringing another great set of talents to the arena; Lil Baby, blunts and blondes, and Smokepurpp. I’m sure this will be a great show. I’m born and raised in Bloomington/Normal and never saw the likes of the mess we have now with the Socialists in power. Thank God Normal had some sense to make some changes on the council; too bad Bloomington got worse. It really saddens me to see the crime rate keep rising each week, sanctuary city status for illegals and the quality of entertainment we are now supplying (naked magicians and “rappers” who degrade women). Good job Tari. I can see why you think downtown is a destination.

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  2. The council of yore underestimated the number of people who would NEVER patronize the arena. We’ve attended three events since it opened, a comedian, Cars movie tour, and graduation.
    Arena football and hockey SHOULD have a following but obviously do not. The citizens will never be free of this albatross!

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  3. It can’t be? The consultants assured us of the demand for professional (ha, ha) hockey and football and the buckets of cash that would flow into the city if only we had an arena.

    Where are they now?

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