Update: Is the University of Illinois covering up?

New story from Champaign:  http://www.news-gazette.com/news/local/2019-04-28/emails-profs-absence-created-stir-ui.html

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Champaign newspaper did this  story yesterday:  http://www.news-gazette.com/news/local/2019-04-26/ui-professor-under-investigation-says-hell-leave-job-end-may.html

Professor Joe Petry, who was previously put on leave, plans to retire at the end of May.  He was previously a mayoral candidate in Champaign and has resigned as a member of the Historical Preservation Commission.

What is he being investigated for?  As usual, nobody will say what is really going on.  A University spokesperson is quoted in the story saying this:


The only truth may be in this anonymous Reddit post:  https://www.reddit.com/r/UIUC/comments/bbg99h/answered_where_is_petry/

The taxpayers of Illinois will never hear the truth from the University of Illinois.  Taxpayers will get to fund the professor’s retirement though.  Congrats, we are the suckers.

According to OpenTheBooks.com, a Joseph Anthony Petry collected over $200,000 from the U of I in 2018.

Does this song sum up how you feel?

9 thoughts on “Update: Is the University of Illinois covering up?

  1. Is pay for an “A” in one way or another, a rare occurrence, or is it happening at other schools ?
    How much decadence is our apathetic citizenry willing to allow ? $200,000 a year retirement, and that is just a drop in the dirty bucket that is called Illinois Government. And this clown had a enough of a combination of audacity and ignorance to run for office. Soon he will be riding away in his new Blue Bird motor home to his summer home on the Gulf.


  2. Did the University know about this previously, and have they been sweeping it under the rug until he could get across the “retirement,” finish line?


  3. Having worked there several years ago, I can tell you, they love to cover stuff up. I even heard stories back then about this guy. This behavior is nothing new for UIUC, and it will never change.

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      1. He was charged. This was 15 years ago. He was given a recommendation and got a job in another state. That University in the other state got wind of what happened at ISU (the Pantagraph actually reported things back then) and never let him start.

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  4. If they are covering up (which in Illinois is a given), this student should sue the U of I and not have to ever worry about working a day in her life.

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  5. Traditionally some students have taken it upon themselves to earn extra credit. This always been somewhat of a grey area. This situation is black. For a university to ignore or to camouflage sexual abuse at in level, in any form is an inexcusable, deplorable, outrageous crime. The ghost of Jesse Fell has his hands over his face and is crying.


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