Children’s Home and Aid fundraiser

By:  Diane Benjamin It’s been 10 years since Jack and Duncan Leichtenberg were murdered by their father.  The authorities claimed there wasn’t enough money for supervised visits.  This is the 9th year Amy Leichtenberg is holding the: Taking Steps to End child Abuse 5K Color Run/1 Mile Walk Around 127 pre-registered and around 15 walk-ins […]

Update: Is the University of Illinois covering up?

New story from Champaign: By:  Diane Benjamin The Champaign newspaper did this  story yesterday: Professor Joe Petry, who was previously put on leave, plans to retire at the end of May.  He was previously a mayoral candidate in Champaign and has resigned as a member of the Historical Preservation Commission. What is he […]

Community Health Care Story problems

By:  Diane Benjamin The paper did a story about the Community Health Care Clinic: Excepts: Illegal aliens can’t legally work, what infrastructure work are they doing?  Slave labor? Bloomington changed the JM Scott Healthcare Trust because they didn’t have many people needing help.  At the time they blamed the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid […]

Will Rivian quit fleecing taxpayers now?

Correction:  Ford invested $500M not $400M. By:  Diane Benjamin Since Rivian now has $500,000,000 from Ford, will they continue to accept subsidies from taxpayers?  PDF Page 4 and following: December 8, 2016 What are the details that “will be negotiated at a later date“? I’m sure they still want the property tax rebate – everybody […]

Who’s on First?

By:  Diane Benjamin Nothing is more frustrating than government employees who can’t get their story straight. Here’s another example: See PDF page 4 of the February City Manger’s report: According to the guy in charge, the BCPA held 6 events in February. How many do we have event reports for? TWO! Where are […]