No Sweden is not a Socialist County

I realize Bernie Sanders (and other socialists) loves to mislead people, his followers are trying to pass on his lies.  I think three have attempted to comment so far.

Sweden and other countries in the area are not socialist, they are capitalist countries with a lot of wealth they decided to redistribute.  They also realized this was bad public policy and are now trying to reverse the trend.

Try reading facts for yourself folks:


The glory days for Sweden economically took place prior to the 1960s, when they had a free economy, low regulation and lots of wealth. Between 1870 and 1950, Sweden had the highest per capita income growth in the world and became one of the richest countries, behind only Switzerland, the U.S., and Denmark.

In the 1960s, Sweden started to redistribute wealth, which brought wealth creation to a halt. By the mid-1990s, the country had growing economic problems because it continued to redistribute wealth it wasn’t creating. It was at this juncture that many of the wealthy (ABBA band members included) and entrepreneurs were leaving Sweden. In 1994, Sweden began implementing the following measures designed to reverse this trend:

  • Reduce Regulation
  • Reduce Government Spending
  • Reform their Welfare Programs
  • Shrink their Government

The countries Bernie loves to claim are socialist are not because they do not own the means of production – see Venezuela and Cuba for that one.

Suckers who think Bernie has any chance of being the next president should be doing their own research.  You should also know Bernie owns three houses and has never held anything but a government job.

I thought old white men weren’t allowed to run as Democrats anymore?

Try google, there are plenty more sources of similar information.

Meanwhile, uniformed comments will be deleted.

3 thoughts on “No Sweden is not a Socialist County

  1. I heard Bernie was going to sell his lakeside vacation house and give the money to the poor.


  2. Socialism does not, will not, and cannot work.
    Socialists say capitalism doesn’t work because selfish, greedy people are in charge.
    Even if socialists achieve the impossible and find enough perfect saints to control and administer the system, they will eventually move, quit, retire, or die. And who will replace them? People. And people who are selfish and greedy will most want those positions because it gives them power. Even in a best case scenario, they will try to tweak the system ‘for good reasons’ like allocating more resources to hip replacements so their grandmother can get one or more hot dogs as school lunches so their kids will be happy to go. But whether well-intentioned or outright evil or whatever in between, the system eventually devolves into Venezuela or North Korea.
    Why? Because the socialists are right about one thing – people are selfish and greedy.
    Under capitalism, those ‘bad characteristics’ are harnessed towards making goods and services, thus making people’s lives better. And if you’re Too selfish and greedy, you’re punished.
    Under socialism, those ‘bad characteristics’ are put towards ‘playing the system’, reducing productivity and thus making people’s lives worse. And if you’re Too selfish and greedy, you distort the system in your favor while claiming it’s for some noble reason.
    Capitalism: It’s far from perfect. Some would even say bad. And one could reasonably say they’re right, but you need to remember it’s one redeeming quality: It’s not nearly as bad as any other system devised in all of human history.

  3. Socialism (and Communism, “Two sides of the same coin”, and the Great “actual” Maggie taught us), are criminal ideologies based SOLEY upon stealing the property of others.


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