Sorry Jenn, I’m an American

Self proclaimed socialist and social justice warrior Jenn Carrillo posted this yesterday:

alt right

She must have no idea what alt-right means.  She has no idea what it means to be American either.

It proves why voting for her is like voting for Maduro in Venezuela.  It also proves she is unfit for office.  As a former illegal alien, she doesn’t understand American values.

I disagree with Karen Schmidt on many things, but she at least has common sense, something Jenn is severely lacking.  It wasn’t difficult to conclude Karen is far more qualified to be an Alderman than Jenn.

Jenn, here’s a list of things you missed in public school, wasn’t that in Chicago?

  1.  America is a place where anyone can become rich, playing class warfare (tax the rich) is one reason why people left their homeland for here.
  2. America is a place of equal opportunity, not a place of equal results.  Being illegal limits opportunity.  She wants a “welcoming ordinance”  to pretend people who sneak across the border or over-stay visas aren’t limited by laws.
  3. Social justice warriors push socialism so people unwilling to work hard don’t have to.
  4. Capitalism has reduced poverty across the globe.  Creating a product people want means both parties benefit.  Even better – the transactions aren’t dependent on what color skin is, what sexual orientation they are, or their social status.  Socialism is the opposite Jenn.

Carrillo is one of those people Abraham Lincoln warned us about:


Jenn wants to hand government more power.  She wants “rich” people to pay more taxes so she doesn’t have to pay any.  Jenn is begging for your vote to turn Bloomington into Venezuela.  Attacks on local businesses are already rampant under “Uncle Tari”.  Putting a socialist on the ballot means even attacks.

I will gladly wear the ultra-conservative label Jenn.  It is the definition of what being an American is. Government makes really bad decisions and steals our money to make them a reality.  There is a long lists just in Bloomington. 

Government in this country was created only to provide essential services, not run our lives.

Progressives like Jenn don’t understand what made America great.  Maybe her public school education told her America was never great.  History has proven many times that individuals can create their own prosperity while government only exists to steal it.  Bloomington already takes far too much.

Bank on this:

Illinois State University radicals are mobilizing to get their people to the polls.

The Wesleyan radicals do the same for every elections.

The Illinois People’s Action “Democratic Socialists” will be out voting, I hear they brought people down from Chicago to campaign.

Since most people don’t bother to vote, it won’t be that hard for the even farther left to win.

Your future is up to you.

Citizens get the government they deserve.  Vote tomorrow, especially if you live in Ward 6.  Jenn isn’t the only socialist on the ballot in Bloomington and Normal.  Not soundly defeating them will defeat you.

10 thoughts on “Sorry Jenn, I’m an American

  1. Jenn Carrillo is bought and paid for by Tari Renner. So are Georgene Chissell, Jeff Crabill and Julie Emig. If there were anything normal or mainstream about Tari Renner, he’d be working with Karen Schmidt and he’d see her as a valuable asset to him on this Council. But he doesn’t. He wants Karen off the Council in order to enact a radical left wing agenda with people like Jenn in control. Tari Renner is not a Karen Schmidt Democrat, he’s a Jenn Carrillo Socialist. It’s why these people have got to be defeated tomorrow. Wake up Bloomington! Vote!


    1. Likely financed in part by Chicago’s DSA office, Tari’s candidates of choice are about identity politics, particularly race. I would expect nothing less since far left policies has it’s core belief system based on race. In Carrillo’s case, she is extremely anti-white and lays it bare in her campaign material and Facebook posts. Her anger is deep, likely formulated in her upbringing. She is so radicalized that she likely believes in the concept of Reconquista, which is promoted by Mexican Hispanics that promotes a political or military conquest of America’s Southwest, then piece by piece as much of the country as possible. One of the concepts of Reconquista is for Hispanics to take over the country by peaceful or forceful invasion, then taking over positions in government. Everything this woman believes in is stoked in anti-white racism and is part and parcel of her core belief system. She is extremely dangerous because she is politically reckless and full of personal hate and vengeance.


  2. Jenn – Could you tell us when and where you broke the law and snuck into the United States and why we should vote for a criminal? Also, thank you Jenn for greatly decreasing United Way funding with your hate filled rants when you were working for the YWCA?


  3. Funny thing happened just now. Jenn Carillo has locked and disabled her comments section on her site. Hmmmm ?
    Anyway- I am Ward 6 and I will be voting for Karen Schmidt. Jenn showed our whole neighborhood who she really is by putting up a sign ” with loving hands ” at Eric’s bar and restaurant. Our neighborhood association spent almost 2 years trying to get rid of his bar or restrict it to earlier serving times. Thanks to her opponent Karen Schmidt , Mayor Renner and the liquor commission he was fined , got his license suspended at times and now has a permanent closing time for liquor. So how much did Uncle Eric donate to her campaign?
    Quote – Dr. Maya Angelou-

    “When someone shows you who they are, believe them”

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  4. Jenn must think the several thousand conservatives that live in her ward are secretly alt right nazis. Ironically, Jenn has mpre on common with the nazis
    Both are socialists, deep environmentalists, and support the right to execute babies after birth.


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