Is Justin Barr doing comedy now?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Barr is the guy from Lexington who has been charged in at least 3 Illinois counties with taking money from people who hired him to perform some work and Barr either never did any work or never finished what he started.

The State’s Attorney’s office in McLean County refused to charge Barr when Jason Chambers ran the office.  They considered the cases civil even though one senior citizen paid Barr $75,000 and got little more than stakes in the ground.  Barr has been sued civilly in other cases locally.  Other counties are now considering criminal charges against Barr too.

On March 12, 2019 Barr was charged in connection with two cases in Livingston County.

The Livingston County charges:,2019CF51,IL053015JL2019CF51D1


In one of these cases Barr took a $23,500 down payment for a building.  It is my understanding that no work has been done.  The contract was signed last November.

Here’s where comedy enters.  Barr’s lawyer wrote a letter to the victim offering to settle for $8500.  She paid Barr $23,500, got nothing for it, but Barr will refund $8500!  Click to enlarge:

Barr gets even funnier!  His lawyer typed up a lawsuit claiming poor Justin suffered damages of more than $50,000 (See #28).   So Ms. Blackburn is out $23,500, but Justin is the injured party?   

Note:  This suit has not been filed or it would have a case number.  (See the top right side)

The intimidation of victims isn’t working!

The more cases Barr gets charged for the better.







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  1. Only PROPER that for a GOOD comic routine that the lawyers name would be MARVEL-as in the comics.. IRONIC!

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