Bloomington is a Circus Monday

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Bloomington City Council is holding a Committee of the Whole meeting Monday.

On the Agenda is:


The circus continues with this next:


This Board has heard ONE case since it was created, they found the police did nothing wrong.  (Their investigation is a secret however)  Do the residents around Orchard Street feel safe in their homes now?  See PDF page 18.  The community handouts are even in Spanish.

The Council circus is a real high-wire act next:


No Community Groups are interested?  Any one believe the Financial Impact is ZERO?

PDF page 24 has a preview of the April 22nd meeting, the circus continues!  I wonder who is going to pay for it?


9 thoughts on “Bloomington is a Circus Monday

  1. A beautiful, clean vibrant downtown? a regional destination? This sounds better then Nirvana.. WHO’S handing out the LSD??
    Can’t make stuff this funny up..


  2. For now Downtown Bloomington is dead. Mr. City Manager and Council members, you are beating a dead horse.
    A horse that has not been fed nor watered for nearly fifty years. And nobody has mucked the stall. Good luck, Mr. Mayor, in putting a saddle on a dead horse.


  3. The statue could be a taxpayer on a trapeez with money falling out of his pockets. At the catch net could be Tax’n Tari and the city council grabbing for the money wearing shirts with logos of their pet money wasting projects and ideas.
    (1 million dollar zoo pop stand, build more bike lanes, pink flamingos are expensive lovers, Connect Transit—ride a big bus in private, Tari for the bare essentials—naked magicians, Japan—All I got was a lousy t-shirt–Tari got Margo under Mt Fuji, create little Chicago here—become a welcoming city, Laws don’t matter, make happy pensioner—spike a pension, Make Springfield lawyers rich—don’t shop local, city streets—a free roller coaster ride)


  4. I wish Clay Wheeler all the best in his retirement. He’s served his community well and with distinction. I also wish the best to his wife in her recovery with cancer. But, you can’t tell me for one minute that his early retirement doesn’t have everything to do with the nut jobs who are now going to be part of the new city council and their micro managing of the police department with their radical agenda.

    Can’t say I blame him for retiring early and being able to leave gracefully before the crazies take over. But who in the world are we going to get to take his place? That will be an interesting show to watch. Before this is over the Bistro will be the new substation.


      1. Yes they will strive to find a puppet who can be easily controlled, it will be part of the “unwritten” qualifications desired, they are conducting a nationwide search after all, no use in even THINKING of hiring/promoting from within the department that just isn’t who they are… Wonder if they will go for the fit as a fiddle young one who looks commanding in his uniform or will they go for the kindly older guy who has seen it all look? All kidding aside, WHY don’t they look to promote from within or at least limit the search to this immediate area? Bottom line is, these people can’t do anything right.


  5. FYI- a topic for discussion- today in the Pantagraph there was an article- “House passes financial aid bill ”
    On Thursday the Illinois House passed a bill offering state-funded student financial aid to two groups who do not qualify for federal aid- undocumented immigrants and transgender individuals who have not registered for the draft.
    Page A7- Federal aid requires you be a U.S. citizen and if male 18 or older you must have complied with federal requirements to register for military selective service which many transgender women do not do.

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  6. The police micro-managing board is 100% political theater for Tari and his far-left voting block. I’m not convinced the one case brought before the board wasn’t just for appearance’s sake. “Hey, we’re still here and needed.” Remember how well it was timed with an article in the Pantagraph regarding no cases have been brought forward. Hmm. Wonder if they still actually meet or if the architects of this board have moved on to the next liberal issue of the day. It would be nice to see a local leader, anyone in office, state the obvious…the absence of complaints is very reassuring for the people of Bloomington and speaks highly to the professional caliber of men and women serving in the Bloomington PD. Oh, and would you look at that, a dedicated discussion of Downtown Bloomington. Will Justin Boyd be entering into evidence his photos of the garbage bins. Ha! It mentions facade enhancements in the subject/description, I wonder if they’ll discuss the before and after of Mr. Bentley’s decaying properties. Perhaps another million dollars for Trisha to host a few more events that the same 50 people attend. If the City spent no money on Downtown and stopped micromanaging and tinkering with the local economy, the same or more would get done in terms of development and beautification.

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