IML proves who they are

By:  Diane Benjamin

I’ve written many times about the Illinois Municipal League.  This story is from March of 2016:

A reader sends me the frequent newsletters sent by IML to government officials.  The latest proves they are pro-government, anti-transparency, and anti-citizens.  Both Bloomington and Normal love to spend tax dollars attending their events.

IML is against HB 2810.  This is a bill that would require every unit of government with a budget in excess of $1,000,000 to have a website.  IML opposes it because it is a mandate.  Websites can be created for free.  IML would rather citizens not have access to information.  I know of a township that tonight thinks they can discuss a budget,  financial reports, and award contracts in Executive Session (secret meeting).  They have a mostly blank Facebook page, no agenda is posted.  The IML must think this is just fine.

IML is also opposed to HB 3651 for the same reason.  This bill would require credit card receipts be posted to the website.  This would eliminate the need for many FOIA requests,   It would also make credit card abuse more visible, of course IML would oppose it.

IML also opposes HB 2206.  From the IML newsletter:

IML inspect What the bill REALLY says:

IML Real language

This bill does nothing to jeopardize the health and safety of a community.  Get a warrant or a court order to inspect properties if there is a problem.  Has the Illinois Municipal League read the 4th Amendment?


One more:

Newly elected aldermen and trustees should avoid this indoctrination.  It is a way for IML to make money and remove any thought that the elected work for the people.

iml indoc

I know some of the newly elected representatives have already been contacted so they can find out “how the Council works”.   They weren’t elected to represent government, very few current aldermen and trustees seem to know that.

15 thoughts on “IML proves who they are

  1. The proposed inspection legislation violates the 4th amendment of the Constitution. Period. I have written to my representatives.


  2. “Websites can be created for free”

    Is your website “free”? From acquiring domain names to even building a website and running that site cost money. Having a website is hardly “free”.

    IML is pro-government. LOL. Considering all municipalities are a unit of government why would they be anti-government? Indoctrination? What, having knowledge and acquiring knowledge about your job as a city councilperson and understanding your job is “indoctrination”? O.K. everyone who in school should quit because they’re being “indoctrinated”. Talk about misinformation.


    1. A free website can be created on Facebook, WordPress or others. A domain name doesn’t have to be purchased – on WordPress you can use the one they give you. Connect Transit posts docs on a Google Drive. I won’t be waiting for your apology because I’m sure you wouldn’t offer one. The job is to access what is presented and vote in the best interests of citizens, not the City. I notice you didn’t mention the 4th Amendment bill. Yes, misinformation is rampant.


      1. I asked if YOUR website was free. I bet not. Government entities in particular should not using either WordPress or Facebook as a website. They are not professional governmental web site developers, they are meant for amateur bloggers like you. WordPress blogs are NOT free, especially IF you’re adding a domain name, you have to pay for that domain on WordPress. I don’t know where you getting that WordPress is “free”. It isn’t. I wouldn’t trust Facebook for anything much less website development. I also doubt that Google is giving away free websites, they’re in it for the money.

        It’s pretty clear that you don’t know a thing about government and how to actually run a municipality. There is a lot of “how to” from understanding legislation and how to write municipal legislation. That’s why there are workshops.

        The 4th Amendment doesn’t say that a unsafe and unlivable dwellings can’t be inspected. Almost every city and town has building inspectors. If a person living in substandard housing has to get a court order or a warrant to get their landlords to pay attention, instead of calling city inspectors, then we would have more substandard housing. If a city can not do anything, then housing prices go down and urban blight advances.


    2. @ Loran Haden ~ there’s some hard philosophical truth from that old Pink Floyd song where the lyric goes on with, “Teacher leave them kids alone!” But what the heck, I’m sure this is way over your head.

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  3. This is all about the government having more access in order to snoop on citizens, and to fine tenants and landlords for whatever local and state ordinances can be ginned up. Where’s the ACLU? The trial lawyers?

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  4. Another observation on the above ‘inspection restriction law’ – The city/town doesn’t need to get a warrant or a court order, just the consent of a resident. In theory this would be in response to a resident’s complaint, but there’s nothing to stop an inspector from just randomly knocking on doors and asking if (s)he can come in and check.
    So all it does is stop arbitrary, mandated inspections And The Associated Fees.


  5. Poor Loran, poor, hopelessly indoctrinated and misinformed little Loran. That’s all I’m gonna say, those who understand that need no further explanation, those who don’t would never understand anyway. By the way Loran, yes websites can be free or low cost (like around 120-150 ish dollars per year) and anyone with a reasonable working knowledge of computers can create one, nice ones, and maintain them. EVERYTHING that Govt. gets into costs far far more than what is needed, always, and govt, generates no real $$ it only TAKES $$ then uses it as it wants to, after the skimming is done of course. Personally, I believe sausage making is far less off putting than the way govt. works.


  6. You’re going to delete my comments because of the fact that neither WordPress or Google offer “free” websites? Neither does Facebook. Apparently typing bald face lies and ridiculously inaccurate and poorly source opinions is part a of new tactic by you.

    The funny part of this blog is that you don’t live in either city that you write about with such disdain. For someone who has gone over the deep end with “anti-government” screeds and rants, you wanted desperately to be a part of that government. You ran for county auditor in 2012. You lost in the primary against incumbent Michelle Anderson by more than 3,800 votes. You getting more unhinged and divorced from reality. No wonder your readers are a very small percentage of malcontents.


  7. Dear Loren, I have a free WordPress site.. I also have a free Facebook page. Are you honestly so naive as to believe the city inspects apartments to protect tenets? You are a fool. The city inspects rental properties to control individuals freedoms and to collect fees to pay government employees. I dare you to go inspect the Apartments on Donnie and Tracy Drive. Some have gotten better, but for the 2 years I lived there it was an absolute nightmare. Needles in the hallways, constant domestic violence, children shooting weapons and doing drugs in the hallway, people urinating, defecting, and vomiting in the hallways. These were not things landlords (read owners of property did) this was the people who lived there. Does the term “don’t shit where you eat” mean anything to you? These landlords served a purpose. renting to people who (I can tell by your treatment of Diane) would not be allowed in your home, but you would kindly enslave them in a government subsidized project.

    Finally, you ignorant disgusting bully, Diane, because of the fact she does not live here and can’t be bought with favors or threatened with losing her property, being fined by city officials for reckless and baseless claims, and because her Children will not be attacked by the likes of Tari Renner and his minions, is the perfect person to tell the truth and awaken people to crimes of the Bloomington and Normal City Councils. Her small following is growing, I.e. Normal Elections.

    Finally, I am certain you have the market on bOld face lies and zero sourced opinions you Twit!


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