Who’s on First?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Nothing is more frustrating than government employees who can’t get their story straight.

Here’s another example:

See PDF page 4 of the February City Manger’s report:  http://www.cityblm.org/Home/ShowDocument?id=21477

bcpa february

According to the guy in charge, the BCPA held 6 events in February.

How many do we have event reports for?



bcpa two


Where are the other FOUR?  

This is what passes for transparency.  Nobody will be held accountable.

Also note there isn’t a City Manager’s Report for March.  Well, April isn’t over yet.  Maybe timely data isn’t available.  We know from history financial statements are held for more than 7-8 months.


no city mgr

Maybe nobody is on first, everybody is in left field.

6 thoughts on “Who’s on First?

  1. They have to fix the numbers before they can post it. It’s easy to post the truth, lies have to be navigated. #BNDeservesBetter


  2. YEP! This GNU city manager is REALLY shaking things up! I’m betting he was hired NOT to “rock the boat” and just smile and sign the PCard checks.. wink, wink
    With THIS kind of leadership, we’ll make National News in a short time. We could only hope..


  3. Perhaps the smoke maker in the Smoke and Mirrors Department called in sick.
    One reason that politicians lie to us is because we expect them to.


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