What did Renner Know and When? UPDATE!

This is a link to the 2013 Pantagraph stories:  http://m.pantagraph.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/mayor-video-of-fight-supports-cops-claim/article_81e5d7da-ea49-11e2-aa65-001a4bcf887a.html?mobile_touch=true


By:  Diane Benjamin

Reading Pantagraph reports of the Gabriella Calhoun incident from 2013, Mayor Renner claimed he watched the surveillance video and listened to the audio of Calhoun in a police car.

Renner all but proclaimed her guilty because he saw and heard it with his own eyes and ears, but he refused to release the evidence because of the pending felony case against Calhoun.

I wasn’t following her court case (where she was declared NOT GUILTY), but the audio of Sgt. Shumaker’s comment was NOT played for the jury.  The verdict was NOT based on racist remarks by a police officer – the jury never heard it.

In 2013 Renner claimed he saw her commit a felony against a police officer.  He claimed he heard her confess.  A jury found her NOT GUILTY.  Does Renner need glasses and a hearing aid, or is Steve Skelton a REALLY good defense attorney?  Both?

After knowing everything in 2013, Renner now claims he didn’t know about the officer’s comment until a week ago.

In July 2013 Renner knew everything about the case.

In January 2015 he knows nothing.

Which is it Mayor?

Old Pantagraph stories are available on the Bloomington Library website.



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