Global Warming? Sure

By: Diane Benjamin

In the 70’s, the talking points were Global Cooling.  Then temperatures increased and the talking points went to Global Warming.  Then temperatures cooled again, so now it’s Climate Change.

No the science isn’t settled.  No 90%+ scientists do not agree.  No, you can not trust people who profit from towing whatever line earns money and grants.  How rich is Al Gore now?

See these articles for more information.

It’s not a joke anymore with “believers” in charge of government.  Their plan is to destroy cheap energy and your ability to prosper.  Your kids are indoctrinated and the EPA is regulating.  Useless windmills cost millions and generate very little energy.  Solar companies robbed taxpayers, remember Solyndra?  Those who still believe are fools!  Way past time to take a stand!

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