Local cage-liner not worth your time

By:  Diane Benjamin

I was really expecting today’s story:  Obama college plan gets high marks in Illinois to be Associated Press, but alas a lee.net (parent company) reporter wrote it.  It regurgitated State officials talking points instead of reporting.  It going to be GREAT!.  Silly me, I expected more.

Obama wants to “grant” two years free community college education.  Forget the part where your money is doing the granting.  To qualify, all you need is a 2.5 grade point average (dismal).

The only revealing part of the story is Heartland already gives free tuition!  The school was promoted as affordable education.  For awhile it was – until the Trustees decided students needed a “college” experience.  Now that the tuition is much higher and enrollment is going the wrong direction, enter Obama with his checkbook.

Illinois is bankrupt but the Obama plan is 75% Fed funded and 25% State funded.  Where is the State going to get more money to “gift” the college crowd?  Maybe they can take it out of pensions!  Sure, a lawsuit waiting to happen.

So, all these new students flood to Junior College.  Junior Colleges needs more teachers – complete with pensions and benefits.  They will need to build, too many new students and not enough room.  Student who could afford to pay won’t because Santa Obama says it’s free!  Who really benefits?  Teachers Unions?  Union Construction workers?  Government Bureaucrats?

Evidently all these local schools don’t realize they are voluntarily become slaves to a Federal program.  No “strings” will be attached I’m sure!   Cough, Cough.  How long before they “require” courses that fit into their agenda?  American History won’t be one of them.

What exactly does a 2-year degree qualify you for?  Tons more students will also have a brand new 2-year degree.  Students with 4-year degrees can’t find good jobs now, 2-year degree holders will fare better?

A 2-year degree doesn’t qualify students for anything other than checking the box “some college” on a job application.  Nobody is dying to hire college grads because the economy still lies in tatters.  Wages are shrinking because lots of people are desperate to work, even if it means for less.  Bring on the illegals who will work for even less.  Another Obama “gift” to citizens.

Obama forgot to say where the 75% of tuition is going to come from.  Maybe the Federal Reserve will print it for him.  Maybe he will tax that 1% more, or maybe he will tax you.  Just like the local progressives, your money isn’t really yours if government has a need.

Let’s recap.

  • You have a right to healthcare – ObamaCare is great!
  • You have a right to Food Stamps – everybody deserves food
  • You have a right to a free education

All that’s missing is housing and transportation for free, oops – you can get those too.

Lots of people already take advantage of all this free stuff while you pay.  What a great country.

Here’s the future:  You too can get free stuff.  Check yourself into the Joliet Correctional Center.  The only difference is the bars.

Welcome to Fundamental Transformation!  Personal responsibility and an unbiased media no longer required.  Everybody is entitled.

5 thoughts on “Local cage-liner not worth your time

  1. Sounds great doesn’t it? It’s FREE. Wait a minute, NOTHING is free, somebody has to pay for all the free stuff. Add this latest giveaway plan to the lies on unemployment in the news and the great econmic recovery and people will want this guy for a third term, just like FDR.
    And in the meantime we have troops fighting the War on Terror, and not a protester to be found. If you have not watched Lilyhammer on Netflix, you won’t get the reference, but the USA is beginning to sound like Urri-Burri Land.


  2. Does the president ever run out of bad ideas? The entire upper class doesn’t have enough money even if all of it was taken. The middle class has to be taxed more to pay for it. Besides, paying my own way through college was the best thing I could have done. That should be the college experience.

    Also, would you really want these people teaching their revisionist version of American history?


  3. Is it cheaper than prison? Society is going to need someplace to further institutionalize the wreaks of its shit-quality government-controlled education. Or do they need yet another 2 years to teach 18 year-olds basic skills of literacy. That or they want to train them all to be nurses. Nothing more gonna be needed than lower-class, college-trained butt-wipers.


  4. This pan will go nowhere. It’s nothing more than a headline grabbing effort by a lame duck president. Nothing to see here, move along. You won’t here anything about this again.

    Actually, a 2 year vocational degree (Associate of Applied Science), is quite marketable. They provide education in technical fields like construction, computer information systems, nursing, agriculture, etc. Now, having an associates degree designed to transfer to a four year school (Associate of Arts or Associate of Science), not so much. That’s where you can select “some college.”

    However, not everyone needs to go to college. Not everyone should, I’ve encountered many students who are clearly not cut out for it, through my 16 years of working in higher education. LIke Judge Smails said: “The world needs ditch diggers, too.”


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