The Time is NOW!

by:  Diane Benjamin

Face it – the people you elect on the State and National level barely listen to you.

They are too busy pleasing leadership to get more money so they can be re-elected.

Local elections are the only place you have a vote that counts.  You can go to your alderman’s house, get him/her on the phone, send emails they actually read and respond to, and attend meetings.

Presently, anything put on the Bloomington City Council agenda that is controversial will end in a vote of 7-2.  SEVEN members of the Council will vote with Renner no matter what.  

They will put on a good show questioning the wisdom of this or that, but their vote is almost always for Renner.

This year you can have a voice.

Karen Schmidt can be replaced.

Joni Painter can be replaced.

Diana Hauman can be replaced

Judy Stearns is not running for re-election, so a candidate must be found that isn’t in Renner’s pocket.

Add Kevin Lower, and that would be 5 of the 9 votes AGAINST the Renner agenda of debt, taxes, and spending.

The ball is in your court.

You can either pay higher taxes in the future, or contribute now to help make this happen!

Go to this website:

We are a group of citizens with lots of ideas on how to elect Aldermen who represent their Wards instead of Tari Renner.

Time is short.  It’s now up to you!


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