Your dime Bloomington

By:  Diane Benjamin

From the Packet for Monday’s City Council meeting:


FINANCIAL IMPACT: It is estimated McLean County Land Trust CC-1 currently owes the City $562,194.78 in development fees. There are other “punch list” items that are covered by
this agreement that have not yet been estimated.

As reported in the press:

The Chateau owes the City $335,000 in taxes

Almost $900,000 exposed just today!  Pocket change.  I wonder who else owes the City?  Was the $800,000 paid by the group who agreed to fix the faulty parking garage?  Don’t know.  How much does the Coliseum owe the City? Don’t know.

Monday night the Council is going to start off by feeding themselves and the staff – then talk about David Hales next raise in Executive Session (Secret meeting so you don’t know who says what):

He already gets paid more than the Governor!

How about a cut

– especially when he keeps hiring consultants because he can’t make a decision, increased his staff and expenses big time, wasted TONS of time and money on Paradigm, doesn’t manage the Coliseum, doesn’t fix deficiencies documented by the auditors, but has lots of time for schmoozing at breakfast and lunch on the taxpayer dime.  (the short list)







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