Sage, Schmidt, and Black to hold Townhall

By:  Diane Benjamin These three Aldermen are going to hold a budget discussion on January 27th. (Maybe they read BlnNews, even though publicly they deny it) Remember last year?  Did you attend one of these discussion and make your voice heard?  Did you say “RAISE MY TAXES”?  If that’s what you said, you got […]

Bloomington: 90 citizens will decide your future

By:  Diane Benjamin In a further attempt to make your elected Aldermen immaterial, the City of Bloomington is holding a budget meeting on January 20th.  Each Alderman is to invite 10 citizens, then these 90 people will tell Bloomington where your money should be spent.  Being a Representative Republic is now dead in Bloomington.  Thanks […]

Hales and now RENNER don’t care!

By: Diane Benjamin Some members of the Bloomington City Council worship the ground David Hales walks on.  They practically pant when he speaks.  David Sage is REALLY good at stopping criticism of anything Hales does – watch a few meetings on-line and you can see for yourself. Every year Hales’ salary is set in Executive […]

Enter the Twilight zone

For the Bloomington-Normal leaders who still think we are growing: Another moving survey shows people leaving Illinois Illinois was the No. 3 state in America for outbound moves in 2014, United Van Lines said Friday. Earlier this week, Allied Van Lines said Illinois was No. 1 for outbound versus inbound moves in 2014, according to […]

Hales October Report is out

By:  Diane Benjamin I don’t know how long it’s been on-line, but October is finally posted. There is a nice story about 2 City employees who noticed a bucket on fire in an open garage and put it out – saving the house!  The homeowner was home and didn’t know anything was amiss.  Nice […]

Unit 5, Dist 87 – Facts

By:  Diane Benjamin The pencil pushers in Washington DC have created their own reality, the Census Bureau has convinced local government, schools, and the media that McLean County is growing.  Instead of examining local conditions and applying common sense,  the local royalty is undeterred.  More government spending required, the population keeps growing.  (Note: start collecting […]