Hales October Report is out

By:  Diane Benjamin

I don’t know how long it’s been on-line, but October is finally posted.  http://www.cityblm.org/Modules/ShowDocument.aspx?documentid=7640

There is a nice story about 2 City employees who noticed a bucket on fire in an open garage and put it out – saving the house!  The homeowner was home and didn’t know anything was amiss.  Nice job guys!


There are always things in the Hales report that make me wonder, what are they thinking?

The golf report was one of those.  This is how golf rounds have always been reported:

golf20142In October they were reported as:Golf20152Maybe they ran out of digital space for a full graph.


See page 37 for the tax receipts chart!

The main taxes that saw increases, were the new taxes, no surprise there since they used to be ZERO.  Most other receipts are down.


One More item:

The City Clerk has a section in this edition.  I found this chart interesting:

Council2Tari Renner took office in May 2013.  I went back to 2012 and found this chart:

Council20122Obviously the number of items on the City Council agenda increased under Renner.  So, are you better off now or worse?  

Think the Renner “government is the answer” agenda is to blame?

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  1. Did I read that the library had less usage at all levels but they are still considering and expansion of the library?

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