How much did Wayne Aldrich’s party cost you?

By: Diane Benjamin

Follow up to this story:

Received by FOIA, total $2,670.75. Wait for him to be appointed Project Manager for the underpass. This is tiny compared to what he will get.

4 thoughts on “How much did Wayne Aldrich’s party cost you?

  1. I didn’t get invited.  Maybe because i called him a Rooster sucker to put it nicely. Art Rodriguez
    Chairman McLean County VACAMVETS
    District IV Commander
    American Legion Member


  2. They’re all disgusting and despicable. “Let them eat cake.”
    P.S. Maria Antoinette was not referring to “cake” as we know it. Back then, ‘cake,’ referred to what was ‘caked on’ inside the oven. Not the festive, sweet treat we know today. So that really puts that quote in perspective. Not that the peasants would eat something better than or equal to her own, but rather Less Than; worse; undesirable.

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