The Town of Normal super-spreaders:

Thanks to Sonja Reece for posting pictures on her Facebook page – h/t a reader. (Pam’s mother-in-law)

Pam Reece requires all employees to wear masks on Town property, the Council and staff weren’t masked at last Monday’s meeting on Town property.

Karyn Smith flipped quickly to not representing citizens because she likes to party with the “in” crowd. Evidently masks are only required for the “little people”, sort of like Obama’s birthday party. These people have ZERO credibility and any future edicts from Koos or Reece need to be IGNORED:

These are the 12 names Sonja mentions in addition to Andrew Huhn:

Rick Bleichner

Mercy Perez Davison

Vasudha P Gadhiraju

Cathy Oloffson

Pamela Reece

Mark R. Peterson

Chris Koos

Karyn Smith

Sally Ottens Heffernan

Anja Graves

Michael Brown

Kevin McCarthy

12 thoughts on “The Town of Normal super-spreaders:

  1. Sonja was also at the Chris Koos Campaign Appreciation dinner. Whoops, I mean the dinner honoring Mike Metejka Normal Citizen of the year. Either way, it’s the same crowd. She also has pictures of that event on her page. She also has a lot of photos taken out the windows of her Uptown Government subsidized luxury apartment. Skip the mask. Looks like a good place to practice social distancing to me.

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  2. Not only did Sonja bless the town of Normal with her own daughter in law as city manager, she also gave us Kathy Lorenz as her replacement on Council. Maybe Koos can make her Citizen of the year in 2022.

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  3. If this would have been a Republican or conservative event then there would have been a shitstorm of fury from WGLT and Pam would have ordered the police to shut it down like she did to conservative restaurant owners.

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  4. Please recall Pam Reece sent an Email to the entire Town Council and two department heads that she saw me mowing my lawn without a mask on in spring of 2020 although it did not break any rule or law by the state of Illinois or the Town of Normal. That was retaliation for asking her what was the mask policy at the time for Town Employees working outside, such as Water and Public Works.

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  5. Compassionate Conservative,
    You are not unique. Ms. Reece has retaliated against others who voice a dissenting opinion. Recently someone closed their business and moved because they were finally fedup with the ongoing negative experiences with the town and because of their dissenting opinion of the town’s spending priorities. After they told the staff they had sold their property and were leaving town because of the staff’s continued retaliation, a staff member said, in front of witnesses, “maybe it is better that you leave the state”. When Pam was informed of this she took the usual response of discrediting this individual and their reason to exit Normal instead of trying to address the customer relations problems which led to the loss of a business and population.

    Staff who are let go are paid to sign non-disclosure agreements so they do not tell the public of some of the toxic things that happen internally. Realize your tax dollars are being used to suppress the truth from coming out of how your tax dollars are being sent. Regardless of if this is legal or ethical, I am confident Pam would spend, with majority support of the council, more of your tax dollars to retaliate against anyone who violated this NDA.

    There is no compassion nor room for anyone to vocalize a dissenting opinion. If you voice your dissent, then you immediately become a target. It is horrible that this culture is encouraged and allowed to persist. This is yet another consequence of elections.

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