Maskless in Normal, ignore Pritzker!

By: Diane Benjamin

It wasn’t that long ago when the Town of Normal was punishing businesses with fines who were just trying to stay open. Hypocrisy now should encourage those businesses to file lawsuits against Chris Koos and Pam Reece because TWICE in the past few weeks they have proven that Executive Orders and internal edicts don’t apply to them.

I reported the first incident yesterday:

The second violation is far worse because it proves whatever Gov. Pritzker says is immaterial if a party is planned.

I’m referring to Coliseum Mike’s party for the Koos handpicked Citizen of the Year.

On July 29 Pritzker issued an order that masks had to be worn inside all State buildings.

Chris Koos’ invitation only soiree occurred August 3rd at the Bone Student Center on the ISU campus.

ISU is owned by the State of Illinois meaning masks were required. The partiers didn’t agree if they were getting their picture taken or just talking to people. Yes, the super-spreaders were even more abundant than at Wayne Aldrich’s retirement party.

Thanks again to Sonja Reece for posting pics on her Facebook page, there are a few masked people, lots of others that aren’t – including the Town attorney (top right):

This one is from the WGLT story. Evidently local news doesn’t care about Executive Orders either. Covid can’t spread if your picture is being taken.

This was the welcome table checking off names, can’t allow any serfs to enter accidently or wear masks:

More pics thanks to Sonja:

No surprise that WGLT didn’t care about masks – bottom right pic shows their very own Charlie Schlenker attending maskless.

Has ISU banned the Town of Normal for violating Executive orders?

Nope, former President Dietz was on the invite list. So was current President Terri Kinzy. So was former President Al Bowman.

Rules don’t apply if you are invited to a Koos party the taxpayers pay for.

From the ISU website:

One more thing, the WGLT calls this a volunteer appreciation party. Exactly what volunteering did the invitees do?

Keeping the masks on for pictures would have created history. 20 years from now people could have marveled at the people who thought a mask kept out a tiny virus without making the wearer ill from toxins on the mask.

Missed opportunity!








17 thoughts on “Maskless in Normal, ignore Pritzker!

  1. Of the masks in hand I don’t think I see even one N95 mask; the only mask that will keep the virus out of the air. But only if it is tightly form fitted (no gaps) and never touched. These people are not afraid of the virus like they have been told to be and like they tell everyone else to be.

    By the way – Healthcare people are given a training class on proper mask wearing. Apparently that makes a big difference. Why isn’t the general public mandated training JB? What good is a mask if it isn’t used properly?

    Or is a loose fitting random piece of cloth that you wear over your face occasionally just virtue signaling? AND is this all that they really care about anyway?

    If this had been a bunch of unsophisticated average Joes the Health Department and the Pantagraph would have been notified and the police would have been called.

    There is nothing more important to an elitist, leftist progressive than VIRTUE. They have it, we don’t. They are immune, we aren’t.

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    1. The masks are the easily seen symbol of obedience, nothing more, nothing less, and that is what they have been since the get-go. When “they” see their subjects all obediently masked up (or at least a good many of them) this emboldens them to ratchet the tyranny up another notch. Also, they do understand human behaviors so they know that some will see their “face coverings” as a fashion statement or a canvas for their virtue signaling. Don’t think for a minute that stuff hasn’t also factored in.


  2. Yes! WGLT has reported this correctly. It was a volunteer appreciation event. It was a thank you party for Chris Koos’ campaign volunteers funded by we the taxpayers.

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  3. How was that not an Open Meetings violation? I counted at least 4 council members in the pics. The purpose was to discuss people who were appointed to do town business, so obviously there were town business communications. Plus, I am sure taxpayers paid for this party which they were not allowed to attend.

    Pam, Koos and their legal puppet threw a fit citing OMA violations banning councilmen from talking to their constituents about One Normal Plaza. Now there is no problem for the councilmen to meet at this closed door affair? This level of hypocrisy is total BS.

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  4. Why am I not surprised to see Lorenz and Preston at Koo’s campaign appreciation party. I’m disgusted that the local GOP keeps endorsing these RINOs.

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    1. Guess what else gets out when your glasses steam up? And what do people who don’t wear glasses do? They don’t tape around the edges of their mask, I can tell you that. New mandate???


  5. It infuriates me that they dictate and send police if we don’t follow Prickster, but they can ignore him for their parties. Another reason I can’t wait to leave this corrupt state.

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  6. Loathsome, disgusting people. Each and every one of them They believe they are the local royalty of king kooskoos, and we are the rabble, the peasants. They do as they please in full view of everyone, knowing there will be zero accountability from the msm.

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    1. Pictures in Pantagraph today, all but a few maskless. The Elitist Clique does what it wants. Long live the Elitist Clique.


  7. Why should they wear masks? I hope they all drank the kool-aid and got four, or better five, experimental shots. They’re bullet-proof, don’t ya know? (snigger snigger)


  8. Surprised not to see Gavin Cunningham on someone’s arm as their date…maybe he’s just camera shy…or in the background catering. (snigger snigger)


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