Dietz Farewell – lots of maskless

By: Diane Benjamin

Thanks to Sonja Reece for posting pics of this event! No, they aren’t all eating. Look in the background for people visiting maskless. Karyn smith proves yet again she has abandoned representing citizens for the elite crowd.

Since Pritzker Executive Orders are meaningless so are any uttered by the Town of Normal.


13 thoughts on “Dietz Farewell – lots of maskless

  1. Students have to wear masks but if you are a member of the elite class then ISU and Pritzker’s mask mandates don’t apply. Of course since these people enforce Pritzker’s policies on us serfs they are immune to covid and covid policies. What a bunch of hypocrites.

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  2. So, does anyone think it is time to leave yet and improve your life by leaving these frauds to their own devices? What did you think would go on, 600 people wearing masks at a social function designed for Clique members only and an opportunity to kiss more arse to move up the local social and professional ladder? Surely you jest? This was an event for the local ruling class oligarchs by the ruling class oligarchs of BN to wallow in their annointed self importance. They party while Rome burns. A gathering of fools, most who probably voted for Joe Biden.

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  3. They are ugly, inside and out. They are thoroughly hated and despised more than they hate us. Absolutely disgusting gaggle of idiots.


  4. I simply don’t see how they can continue to enforce a mask mandate (not that it does any good anyway) on students/faculty/staff when they do something so blatantly contradictory of their own mandate. My employer never ceases to amaze me. SMH.

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  5. From Martha’s Vineyard to Napa Valley and Normal, Illinois Democrats are showing with their actions they think Covid is a joke while they lecture everyone else.

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  6. Surprised half these people aren’t flashing the devil sign. Oh wait, that’s right, they’re only pawns in the big club. They just can’t conceive how trivial they are.


  7. Those pictures are nauseating to anyone who can SEE these freaks (yes I called them freaks) for what they are and that red masked clown in the middle of that first pic – who is that Beta male virtue signaler with his ridiculously large Pritzker style face rag? Also you nailed it Diane they have these “parties/feeds” to just schmooze with each other and tell each other how marvelous they are while in truth, they have usually done nothing of any true positive impact or importance for anyone besides themselves and their cronies. I know because in a past life I attended similar “dinners” and HATED them.

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