New Bloomington Police Chief: Choose

By: Diane Benjamin

I did not attend the meet-and-greet last Monday with the two Chief candidates. One person who did told me Jamal Simington, Illinois State Police, appeared as more of leader than Springfield Police Chief Kenny Winslow.

City Manager Tim Gleason announced Monday night a special email address can be used for public comments: [email protected]

I’m doing this story because local media isn’t telling you this:

Gleason can not pick Winslow without explaining this article and how/if the issues raised have been fixed. Life is hard enough for officers, they deserve a chief they can trust. The public needs to trust him too. Considering Winslow is still Chief in Springfield, maybe he fixed the problems after they became public. I have no idea!


7 thoughts on “New Bloomington Police Chief: Choose

    1. We do seem to get the throwaways and the recycles as of late, it’s like Bloomington has become the last chance – end of the line destination for mediocre officials to finish out their lack luster careers. One would think we could at least get a discount.

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  1. Very strange that NONE of the command staff who expressed interest in the Chief job within BPD made it to the final round for consideration. Why is that?


    1. Probably because of groups like BLM who believe that they should have the final say. Bloomington City Manager, Mayor and Council once again screwed up. They can’t stop officers from retiring and can’t get new ones hired.

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