Blocked story

This story is blocked on Facebook, somebody is playing hard ball:

Freedom is disappearing folks.

6 thoughts on “Blocked story

  1. Diane, are you aware of the FB group The Silent Majority and how they have been taken off TWICE?? First time had 270,000 members. Then it quickly reorganized up to 400,000 within about a week!!!!! Taken off again!!! Now trying again and up to 70,000. Not rising as quickly this time.

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    1. You are 100% correct. I also have the right to totally ignore and not participate on facebook. That is a choice I have made. I believe facebook has changed by becoming a diversion for the mentally deficient since it is more interested in supporting so called politically correct BS from people like Jenn, Sonny Garcia and Matjeka. Businesses that only have their web info on facebook will never see my business.

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