Nudists in Danvers

By:  Diane Benjamin

nude 1

(I chose not to print some of his other pics!)

If people want to run around naked in Danvers I don’t care.  Note the name though – it’s a FAMILY CLUB!

Here’s the problem:

There is no State law saying a divorced parent can’t hook up with a new partner who likes this lifestyle and then take your kids there.

A local guy recently had to get a court order to prevent his ex-wife from taking his 5 kids, all under 13, to this camp with her new boyfriend.

The judge also ordered the mother to not let the boyfriend bathe/dress/undress the kids.

Gee, I wonder why?


35 thoughts on “Nudists in Danvers

  1. If the couple in the picture are the nudist couple, they would be doing us all a favor in a public service by keeping their clothes on.


  2. I’ve heard about this place. I never would’ve thought about kids being brought there. I hope that father wins. This could start getting VERY bad for those kids. WTH is wrong with that mother?


  3. I laughed out loud when I read their description of themselves as a “Christian” nudist colony. Open to all of good moral character, they write about their little Shangri-La. What a joke. Sounds more like a magnet for child molesters and other sex offenders, with a sprinkling of other social deviants. At least they’re in the middle of nowhere in rural McLean County.


  4. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with this club! FYI, maybe y’all should do your homework on places B4 opening your mouths about something you know nothing about! For 1 they have a very strict membership policy and do background checks on EVERYONE who wants to visit or join! For 2 they don’t just let anyone into the club! For 3 they have the right to live the way they want to live! It’s people like y’all who turn and twist naturality into something cheap and raunchy! Everyone who comes to the club are decent, hard-working people and families. If y’all don’t like it then look tf away because this has nothing to do with your life. Just because someone else’s way of living doesn’t suit your one sided mind doesn’t give you the right to talk s*** and downgrade someone/someplace that you know absolutely nothing about!


      1. Not Your Business sounds like you are the disgusting ex who took the kids to the pool. You’re a real loser.


    1. From a “nudist” guide google-hit I found in about two nanoseconds.
      “NUD R US Family Nudist Club is a small Christian nudist club near Bloomington that is open to all of good moral character. NFNC has an outdoor 30 foot above ground pool, fire pit, sundeck, lounge and rental rooms. There is tent camping as well.
      naked-icon Mostly nudity is required or expected
      legal-icon Private – 100% legal
      sex-icon Generally a M/F gender balance
      fee-icon Admittance fee on arrival
      people-icon Age range: all
      people-icon Capacity: 50 people”

      Strict membership policy? You might like, if I have a $50 bill, I am a member? Strict background check? Really? Using what tools?

      Don’t let just anyone into the club? Right-o. Guessing no cash, broke as a joke men would get turned away. A sorority outing from ISU? I’m guessing that the proprietors would fall all over themselves to rush their membership applications through sans fees or checks.

      #3: You and I agree completely, Jenna. Live and let live. Have fun embracing the no britches lifestyle. And any other lifestyles (including the swing lifestyle) going on there.

      I have every right to express my opinion about a nudist club, just as you have every right to express your opinion about the price of tea in China.

      Again, “Christian” nudist club? LOL. Is that like a Christian house of ill repute?

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  5. PS: Jenna. Why is a girl who supposedly lives in Kissimmee, FL following this website?

    All you single guys out there, listen up. Jenna looks to be single or at least markets herself as such, gets put into FB jail for posting nekkid-ish pics now and then, has a big snake (the cold-blooded kind) and a kid. She’d be a lot easier on the eyes than the proprietor of this Christian nudist joint at that nudist place. Not sure why she’s checking in on a BloNo website, but maybe she’s just a voracious consumer of news.


  6. There is no “swing lifestyle” out there, such behavior is not allowed. You would actually be very surprised at how many people do get turned away from joining. I’ve know the owners for many years and they are the kindest, sweetest, nicest people I have ever known. It’s it more like a tight knit community than a club. (Just like the naturalist/nudist community down here in Florida, which btw is pretty much in the middle of town) There is way more to the community than just what is on-line, such as rules and regulations, background checks, etc. I felt safer there than I did alone in my own home, the entire time I lived in crap hole Bloomington.


  7. Because I grew up in Bloomington, Illinois you twit, and have been going to that club for years. And pretty damn sure I don’t mark myself as “single” on my FB. Further more, why you stalking my FB anyway? Don’t you know that not everything out on social media sites are true or correct information? Guess you missed the pics/info about my pit bull, my put/terrier mix, the rest of my children, the fact I own my own business, and have been with my bf for over 4yrs…oh wait, that’s right, that’s not public info… Lmao!


    1. Jenna that’s fantastic there kind good decent people. That’s not the point Adults can swim naked if they choose to. However children shouldn’t be involved period. You call this Christian most church organizations do not teach children to be naked in a pool with adults. Nor do they embrace this type of behavior. It’s morally wrong and disgusting.

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  8. I didn’t call it anything of the sort, you did. Of all the times I spent out there I never seen a child there, except for one of mine (13yrs old, almost 14, at that time) and that child never went in the pool with the adults there is a separate pool that the child went in. I taught all my children (and 3 others that I’m currently raising) that there is absolutely nothing wrong with naturalism however there are some people out in the world who are twisted and sick in the head, who believe it is wrong and who will take advantage of others who are expressing their right to be “free in nature” as God intended. Adam and Eve were NAKED. It wasn’t until they disobeyed God, by eating of the forbidden fruit, that they became ashamed of their nudity. The shamefulness, “discusting” and “morally” wrong all came from Satan, not God. God intended us to be naked from day one. Had Adam and Eve not taken those 1st bites, this conversation would have never even happened. Nudity wouldn’t be an issue.

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    1. I’m not judging you, but the part about Adam & Eve isn’t all to the story. When they took a bite of the apple sin was entered into our world before that, there wasn’t sin. So after the bite that means all sorts of sins came to be. One of those sins would be adults sexually abusing children. You can do what you want, live the life style you want. Once you bring children into this world it’s your job to protect them. Maybe everyone there is good hearted. You won’t know until after the fact. Children should not be naked around adults for obvious reasons. Even if everyone there is a good person that wouldn’t harm children, we all know that there are tons of people that will. When you teach your children to be comfortable around adults with their clothes off you are making them easy prey to those with evil hearts. Don’t believe me look at the sex offenders list & see how many are on there. Those are just the ones that have been caught. How many children do you think each one abused before they’ were caught? Odds are they weren’t caught the first time. I have no problem with children being comfortable in their own skin & confident in who they are. I have a problem with there are people that take advantage & harm children. No one thinks their child is going to be abused by their abuser. If people knew it was going to happen they would prevent it. Look at statistics online of how many children are sexual abused in one year in our country & the lasting traumatic affect it has on them.

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  9. Diane, I’m not commenting about your story, I’m replying to other people who have commented. No one is “ignoring facts” as you say. I am simply educating people on some of the information that they have wrong. I am saying what I personally seen the uncountable number of times I have been to that particular place. If you have this big an issue with such a small community then I’d hate to see your issues on the HUGE community down here that children of all ages actually LIVE in year round. Even the mailman jokes about “seeing everyone’s packages” when he delivers there.

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  10. Is there any proof whatsoever that any of the children were in any type of danger? Or was the father just mad cos his ex had the kids around another guy? Know plenty of men (and women) who pull some bs on their ex’s when kids are involved, in an attempt to make the other look “unfit” or a “bad parent.” Did they practice naturalism when they were together? What were those kids “exposed” to while the parents were together? There’s thousands of other questions that can be asked about the father, the mother, and their life when they were together. Heck, for all we (as readers) know you could be the father’s new fling and trying to help him build some bs case against her. No one knows the entire story except for the mother, father, and children. And there is always 3 sides to every story, his side, her side, and the truth. As for me (and countless dozens of other parents I know) I would trust taking all of my children (plus the 3 I’m raising) 100% no matter their ages because I trust the people who run the place and I trust their judgement, of the limited number of people who actually go there. I trust their ability to do proper background checks with the proper authorities, as they are required to do since children are allowed to be there.


  11. I rather like Bloomington. It is certainly not a craphole. Heck, it’s pretty darn nice.

    We could be Portland or Seattle and have commie radicals running around beating people with baseball bats. But we’re not. Thankfully.

    Clearly Jenna has a deficit of common sense. Gee, what could possible go wrong with having pre-pubescent kids and pubescent teens walking around half- or fully-nude in front of strangers at a “club?” From my view in the cheap seats, it looks like they’re ringing the dinner bell for child molesters and pervs. But what the heck do I know?

    Next thing, you’re gonna tell me you can take pictures at this nudist place. Pictures of nude children. (Cough) Kiddie Pron (Cough)

    By the way, was Jenna the woman the judge ruled against? She sure seems pretty invested in this.


  12. PS. Sweet Jenna wrote: “I’ve know the owners for many years and they are the kindest, sweetest, nicest people I have ever known.”

    Yeah, they said some nice things about Ted Bundy too. “He was a very nice person. He was the kind of guy you’d want your sister to marry.”

    We know how that worked out.

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  13. Sounds like Jenna is the real bread winner here! Let’s give this twat a round of applause! (Let’s not though)
    So Jenna,
    You are saying it is okay for children under the age of 18 to be exposed to strangers of any age? What kind of parent does that make you? Are you okay with your children being naked in a pool with random adults knowing they are bumping into them touching “ugly” things on accident? Are you seriously okay with that? In my book it’s wrong and uncalled for.
    As parents, it’s our job to keep kids out of harms way and protect them in every way, shape or form. It’s our job to teach them right from wrong. It’s also our job to teach them morals, respect and values. Taking them to a place to get naked and swim with nothing on around random adults and strangers is not keeping our kids out of harms way. Think what you want but please don’t come up in here acting like a queen when you’re showing just how ignorant you really are.

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  14. Hey twat waffle bitch, u really gna let people talk shit but delete my replies and not allow me to defend myself. What a true closed minded cunt you are!


  15. This place is on a Dead End Road. I had to go down it to a farm field twenty years ago and there was a “gentleman” mowing his yard. Not until I was past him, did I realize the only thing he had on, was his hands on his walk behind lawnmower.

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  16. A list of sites with family nudists info and etc. for the uneducated about the subject.

    A website that has a list of family nudist clubs in the U S. The Danvers club isn’t listed do to it small size

    Another national nudist org. Author of Christian nudist publications

    A Christian Nudist site for Christian nudist or those curious about nudity from a biblical perspective –
    http://WWW.FIGLEAFFORUM.COM. a Christian website –


    1. No one gives a crap about your nudist pool. Allowing kids there to be around naked adults is sickening and you sound like a pedofile for allowing it.


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