Who locally got Pritzker’s grants?

By:  Diane Benjamin

See the entire list:   Business Interruption Grants

I hope these businesses won’t be surprised if they get taxed on these grants.  Of course non-profits won’t have to pay up.  It isn’t real money, the Federal Reserve just printed it.

bl grants

no grants

10 thoughts on “Who locally got Pritzker’s grants?

  1. HOW the heck does Super SIgn get business interruption money? They work outside and away from other people. That’s about the SAFEST job there is just now! This REEKS of “I’m too lazy to book new jobs and meet people syndrome”


    1. With Pritzger’s Destroy Illinois plan doing just that, there are a lot fewer businesses needing significant sign work, and the ones that don’t go bankrupt know to hold onto their cash at least until the virus magically disappears in November, and probably longer.


  2. So what exactly happened starting in February? The pandemic which has claimed 170,000 lives and counting. The state of Illinois was at the center of the outbreak along with New York and the East coast in the early months of the outbreak. Pritzker stepped up and did the necessary lock down of the state in order to stop the progression of the pandemic. The state has used metrics in opening the state in stages. If Pritzker had not done the lock down or re-opened the state too soon, we would be in the same boat as Florida or Texas with large uncontrolled infections and deaths. The pandemic is not over by any measure, we may have a resurgence in the fall and winter.

    Didn’t Trump claim that the pandemic would be magically gone by now? Why exactly is Trump waiting until November?


      1. Matt Viser – I don’t know how old you are, or where you grew up, or where you went to school. All of the things Pritzker has done are ILLEGAL. It doesn’t matter WHY he did them. They are ILLEGAL. Just read the Illinois Constitution.


  3. Interesting that Joe’s in Bloomington and Normal got two separate $20,000 grants. I wonder who they know to get $40,000 total.


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