Need daycare since schools aren’t opening?

By:  Diane Benjamin

School Board elections are next April, how about running?  How about voting?

h/t a reader

Since teachers refuse to go back to work in a classroom and Unit 5 is allowing them to make the rules, the Town of Normal wants to make some money:

day camp

I can’t say it any better than this comment on Facebook, I don’t know who made it.  The reader that sent it to me didn’t say:


Unit 5 should be issuing refunds or paying for this!

6 thoughts on “Need daycare since schools aren’t opening?

  1. Many teachers with a passion for teaching know what is best for the students and would like to be back in the classroom. Unfortunately, the vocal minority and the teachers union are making sure this is not going to happen.

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  2. My wife and I were taking a walk this morning and we observed something interesting. I have attached a couple of photos which illustrate what we saw.

    With online education in place, why so many cars at the school?

    Just though we would share this with you.




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