Cancel Culture hits Bloomington

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Bloomington City Council will meet on Monday with only 1 item on the agenda (besides approving minutes and hear how everything needs to stay locked down because 20 somethings can’t protect themselves from COVID)

cancel culture

Has anyone ever celebrated Columbus Day?

I wonder if Jenn knows her native language is Spanish because SPAIN took out her homeland’s indigenous people?

So the Council is going to waste time and money holding a meeting to change the name of a holiday nobody celebrates and won’t celebrate even if the name is changed.  BRILLIANT leadership.

She is doing this only because she is an insecure bully looking for more power.  I bet the majority of the Council fall for this nonsense.

The Council might be holding another Executive Session to finalize a raise for Tim Gleason.  With benefits last year he made:


That obviously isn’t enough for a guy wanting to give away City Hall so a transfer center can be built he thinks is going to spur economic activity.

Remember when you were told the Coliseum and BCPA would do the same thing?

See how much all City employees made last year here:  Total compensation 2019

9 thoughts on “Cancel Culture hits Bloomington

  1. I like the “genocide of indigenous people” part. It’s NOT like the indians took the invasion of europeans into the U.S. and the massive killing of buffalo and such lying down! They did their fair share of “pate peeling”!
    This HAS to be another one of Jenns “smartie smart” moments..

  2. Bloomington has a 50% larger population then Normal, a larger area to manage, larger budget, more employees and of Normal’s population 20+ thousand are students many who live there part time. Dispute Normal’s significant smaller size difference Normal’s Manager is paid $13,388 more than Bloomington’s Manager.

    When looking at Manager salaries across the nation both towns overpay their managers. When just comparing Bloomington and Normal, Bloomington looks conservative. Equal pay for equal work advocates should be all over this but as with most things under the guise of social justice it is very hypocritical.—Town-of-Normal

  3. Not an original thought coming out of Jenn’s head…just following the other SJWs. She should learn some world history during the 15th and 16th centuries to put things in perspective. Who wants to celebrate and reflect on genocide?
    Any Council member or the Mayor can request to have any ridiculous item brought forward through the Council Initiative process. At least it’s not on the regular agenda…yet.

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