Carrillo promotes slavery

By: Diane Benjamin

Below is a post by Jenn Carrillo on why people are shooting each other in her neighborhood – see WGLT story

The sad truth is Jenn doesn’t expect better behavior. She doesn’t expect citizens to be civil. Just because someone is poor it doesn’t mean they go around shooting each other, Jenn thinks handouts will solve everything though.

In other words: Jenn wants to create government slaves.

Of course the left has always been the party of slavery, but that’s a whole story in itself.

Jenn Carrillo is guilty of the worse possible crime against citizens:

Low Expectations

Carrillo wants to teach people they aren’t capable of the American dream. She wants to enslave them to government so they have to vote for her and her ilk to save them. Of course she wants to take your money for her “investment” in others.

Guaranteed outcomes for those who don’t earn it not only make achievers do less because government will just steal more, it guarantees the poor will never escape poverty. This explains why socialism fails every time it is tried.

Why do people like Jenn try the same failed system over and over and over? POWER. She wants it and will use the poor to achieve it.

Worse, Carrillo wants to defund the police which only means more violence. See Chicago – that’s the game plan for Bloomington.

13 thoughts on “Carrillo promotes slavery

  1. Guaranteed ___________ (insert free stuff) is how they attract worthless freeloaders, SJWs, BLM idiots, low IQ halfwits and criminals, all of whom don’t want to work. It starts out as guaranteed __________ and ends up as a communist dictatorship.

    Jenn is a future politburo member in the making.

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  2. Did we not already try Group Homes and they failed due to residents not doing day to day cleaning and small upkeep? and what about the Developments in Chicago High Rise Apartments that put all of them together, and they couldn’t get along among themselves? So now she wants, “guaranteed housing AND food”? Get of your rear end and get to work. REAL work, not living off of the poor.

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  3. The unemployed already get free housing (HUD), free food (food stamps), free healthcare (Medicaid), free daycare (Headstart) and free education. It’s still not enough and never will be. These issues do not cause people to become criminals and shooters. Providing more of these things for free will not reduce crime. Defund police for even more social program spending is a lie.

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  4. Old school thought,,,maybe if they had to go out and get a job TO LIVE, maybe they wouldn’t have so much time on their hands to get into trouble.

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  5. The answer is simple, Jenn. According to the Brookings Institute – a left-leaning public policy org by the way – of people that do three simple things, only about 2% will live in poverty while nearly 75% join the ranks of the middle class (defined as earning around $55,000 or more per year). These three things are: at least finish high school, get a full-time job, and wait until age 21 to get married and have children. Nowhere in that list is a government program or handouts. Groups like BLM are committed to keeping minorities in poverty by aiming to break up the nuclear family, attacking businesses that employ entry-level workers, and steering people to government programs.

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  6. Communists like this poorly educated millenial colonizer never read or learned a word of world history, let alone U.S. history, and even less about basic economic principles. People need a purpose in life, work to do, freedom and responsibility, and not perpetual government handouts. Her hero Karl Marx was a layabout who lived off his family and friends his entire life, a weak sociopath. Bet she’s never even heard of “Gulag Archipelago.” Sick of these atheist Marxists pushing their failed philosophies.

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    1. If one takes the time to read the Gulag Archipelago and the rest of Aleksandr Solzhenitzyn’s books (which I have done) you will come to know the true horror of communism. Solzhenitzyn believed that Stalin killed AT LEAST 80 MILLION Russians during his rule.

      Those you don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.

      This Jenn person does not have a clue and she insults the memory of the millions of innocent people that communism has killed in the name of protecting the “people”. Espousing the lame platitudes of the communists is not going to convince anyone who knows the truth.

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  7. No one here collects Social Security or Medicare I guess . You sent back your stimulus money because that would mean that you’are a government slave. During this pandemic the unemployed were kept afloat for months by federal aid, which helped avert both humanitarian and economic catastrope. That aid kept people from losing their housing and kept people off the streets as homeless. The same with SNAP benefits which has successfully kept families fed and pumped money into local economies. I guess they were all government slaves.

    “Of course the left has always been the party of slavery, but that’s a whole story in itself.”

    That is patently untrue. Slavery was supported in the South by traditionally conservative parties that did NOT want the more liberal North to end their “Peculiar institution” of slavery. The South before the Civil War was in no way “party of the left”. And the South is now overwhelming Republican, not “left”.

    What is the party of David Duke? Republican. Or the preferred party of white supremacist? Republican. What’s the party of QAnon? Republican. They were declare by the FBI in 2019 as an extremists and as a domestic terrorism threat. A candidate recently won a primary running on QAnon conspiracy theories.. She is a Republican.

    Government slavery? Apparently none of you have a clear understanding what exactly slavery entailed. Slavery was a brutal institution which used societal control and powers to rape, murder to force a population to labor, and to keep them in that state their entire lives. Chattel slavery, also called traditional slavery, is so named because people are treated as the chattel (personal property) of the owner and bought and sold as commodities. Typically, under the chattel slave system, children inherited slave status via the mother. Apparently conflating historical chattel slavery with governmental assistance which gives people a hand up is horrible unless it’s assistance you want and need.


  8. Think about this there are those that claim the holocaust never happened thank God that there are those still alive that witnessed and lived the horror of it as well as keeping the camps where the killings took place. Keep destroying all the statues of those involved with slavery erase any history of visual indicators that relate to slavery and you suppose there will be those in America that proclaim there was never anything such as slavery in America after all there is no one alive that grew up in slavery and all indicators of those involved will be gone. Just thinking!!!

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  9. Jenn: Just ONE question that I WANT you to answer TRUTHFULLY! IF free housing, etc will make YOURS a better neighborhood, tell me then HOW come it didn’t work out in Watts, Cabrini Green, etc.
    Say something STUPID as I KNOW you will.


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