Boot this Progressive

By: Diane Benjamin

Some politicians have a really hard time leaving office. Progressives always have just one more project to complete, and then another, and then another. Progress must be made – problem is it’s “their vision” and not shared by the people paying the bills. Anybody craving an underpass?

Chris Koos has joined this club. He thinks he “created” a great town. Does he know how much debt he has accumulated? Will he really vote to raise property taxes again this year and expect to get re-elected?

Did the Town hire a Communications (propaganda) Director to help Chris out? At 72 he probably won’t be doing much door-to-door campaigning.

Here’s what to look for to see if Koos really wants another term and just couldn’t find anybody else to run: If Illinois Art Station gifting their property to the Town of Normal is on the agenda he’s cooked. Taxpayers get free land they can never sell or profit from but would get the privilege of paying to maintain it. Roads can’t be fixed, sidewalks can’t be kept free of debris, but the property of a non-profit can manicured at your expense?

Illinois Art Station would be just another Koos friends and family perk to add to the long list already reported. Taxpayers are just piggy banks without any rights to object in Koos world.

Chris Koos has a lengthy resume of fleecing taxpayers in his efforts to create his utopia. The only way Koos can possibly defeat Marc Tiritilli is if taxpayers have fled tyranny and aren’t around to vote in April.

Proving Chris disdains taxpayers:

9 thoughts on “Boot this Progressive

  1. Watch and see who endorses him. Those who do need booted from office too. The businesses who endorse him should be checked for tax payer funded payouts. Reece and her propaganda minister will do everything they can to help Koos win. Their jobs depend on it. The problem is, using tax dollars to help him get elected is illegal, but the law never mattered to Koos and Co anyway.

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  2. I know 11 people who know 11 people who know 11 people who didn’t vote in the last election, but will vote in this one to get rid of this guy. Time to haul him out of town on an Amtrak rail.

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  3. It’s clear Koos couldn’t get anyone to run on his record. Adam Nielson wasn’t up to the job, Kathy Lorenz gets worse with each passing Council meeting, and Kevin McCarthy’s audition at the last Council meeting was a dismal failure. None of them would make it against Marc Tiritilli. So any defense of the Koos record must come from Koos himself. Start popping the popcorn.


  4. Ok. Let the campaign begin. Here are the issues.

    1. Koos’ health. The guy can’t even make it to an online Council meeting. Does he have the physical bandwidth to be mayor of Normal? Or, is he hoping to narrowly win, step down and appoint McCarthy. All this IS an issue in this campaign.
    2. Cathy Olefson. As the new propaganda manager for the town of Normal what is her involvement in Koos’ reelection? She better get prepared for the FOIA requests that are headed her way to determine her involvement. It will be fun watching how this gets spun and how see spends her time.
    3. The financial condition of the town of Normal that continues to go from bad to worse under Koos’ leadership.
    4. 1 Normal Plaza. Are neighbors happy with Koos’ handling of this debacle and how does that measure up against the leadership of Stan Nord and Marc Tiritilli in the same situation?
    5. I’ve got hundreds more. This is just for starters.

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    1. What are talking about?! It’s the perfect fit. An unaccountable government agency that spends massive amounts of taxpayer money without regard for consumers and taxpayers, horrible customer service and limited transparency, and a healthy dose of “green” ideology. It’s the perfect fit!


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