Proof Common Core is an illegal FEDERAL program

by:  Diane Benjamin

Supporters of Common Core want citizens to believe governor’s got together and made new standards.

The following documents proves Illinois adapted Common Core to get Federal RACE to the TOP money.  The legislature was never consulted and never voted to accept Common Core.  It is also obvious that NOT accepting the adoption of Common Core made Illinois ineligible for Federal Funds.

Needing money, Illinois was coerced into accepting an untested and unproven system.  The Federal Government is illegally forcing their version of education on the states in violation of what they are allowed to do under the Constitution.

Governor Quinn, Lisa Madigan, Christopher Koch (Chief State School officer), and Jesse Ruiz (State Board of Education) all signed the documents.

I found this in the Illinois School Code:

The State Board of Education shall prepare and submit to the General Assembly and the Governor drafts of proposed legislation to implement the Comprehensive Educational Plan; shall engage in a continuing study, analysis and evaluation of the Comprehensive Educational Plan so designed and prepared; and shall from time to time as required with respect to such annual budgets, and as the State Board of Education shall determine with respect to any proposed amendments or modifications of any Comprehensive Educational Plan enacted by the General Assembly, submit its drafts or recommendations for proposed legislation to the General Assembly and the Governor. 
(Source: P.A. 93-21, eff. 7-1-03.)

Did Quinn, Madigan, Koch, and Ruiz illegally bypass the General Assembly for money?  It sure looks like modifications need to be approved by the General Assembly, but it really doesn’t matter because nobody is going to prosecute them.  Illinois is always desperate for money and Madigan’s dad is in charge of the House, so in reality nobody in power in Illinois cares about your kids education getting hijacked by the Federal government.

There is a bill in Springfield to delay the implementation of Common Core – HR0543  Unless citizens demand it, it won’t go anywhere.  Follow the money, Illinois needs it.  No word on where the local districts are going to find the money for implementation.  The testing is required to be on computers.  Not every district has enough to accomplish this.

This is a link to the entire document:


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