Pantagraph full of Wing-nut columnists

by:  Diane Benjamin

Sunday the Pantagraph scored a two-fer!  I already wrote about the more than ridiculous Gary Sawyer, but I can’t give Alan Guebert a pass.  He never passes up the opportunity to bash the TEA Party and the GOP House on the farm bill.

Alan, you can’t really call the bill a “Farm Bill” when in 2010 it was 80% Food Stamps and nutrition assistance.  The truth is Democrats from big cities, and probably even Republicans, won’t vote to give farmers a dime unless it’s mostly food stamps.

Hey Alan!  Why didn’t you call out the Senate for ignoring the bills the House did pass?  Why does only the House have to compromise?

Instead Alan concentrated on bashing the TEA Party.   Nice propaganda.  It’s really a shame the House has 40 members who actually went to DC to save our kids future from the debt piled on them from both parties – but especially the Democrats the last 5 years.  It is a shame that DC is no longer spending as usual, but that’s how we got to $17 Trillion in debt.  Too bad you don’t care about your kids and grand kids and their kids because they will never have the opportunities you had.  They will be paying debt, debt, and more debt their entire lives.  So nice of you to consider them!

But there is an even bigger issue.  Why are farmers beholden to the Federal Government for anything?  Are you trying to say farmers are incapable of handling their own affairs without government telling them what to do with subsidies?  How about all those rich non-farmers who get the subsidies?  That’s not a problem, or didn’t you even know that?

Today’s farmers are now slaves to the government.  Imagine the homesteaders of the 1800’s, who cleared the land to create their own utopia, waiting for government funding.  They would be embarrassed to be related to their progeny.  America didn’t become a great nation waiting for handouts.2374899

Maybe this can be your wake-up call. Tell the Feds where they can put their farm bill, end the ethanol subsidies since burning food is really a stupid, and be free to set your own course.

It’s really embarrassing to fellow Lutherans, at least the conservative wing, that you occasionally include that information too.  Your church must have the government approved Bible that calls for you to be a slave of the state.  Mine has the original text.





4 thoughts on “Pantagraph full of Wing-nut columnists

  1. Diane,
    I have a question: Does ,State Farm Inc. have a say in who preforms at the Coliseum,also have guide-lines that must be followed for a person on the Bloomington City Council, wether it’s voting or agreeing on certain issues ? I heard this issue time and again,they alway’s say” don’t tell anybody I told you”

    1. I doubt State Farm has any say, but I have nothing to prove it. Some members of the Council wanted a Code of Conduct which was very silly, it wasn’t adopted. I’m sure there are some legal regulation they must follow. Many members of the Council think every vote should be unanimous so they look united. Another silly attempt to squash individual thoughts.

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