Gary Sawyer proves again why Pantagraph isn’t fit to line a bird cage

by:  Diane Benjamin

I don’t know what Gary’s title is, something like Managing Editor, but today he proved why the Pantagraph is completely irrelevant!  The same attitude and lack of information used to write his editorial today pervades the entire paper.  It starts with Associate Press’s out-right lies and left bending (not leaning!) approach to news.  Most articles have very little news value.  They are nothing more than left-wing talking points.

Mr. Sawyer polished himself off by writing an entire column on Ted Cruz and his 21 hour Senate floor speech.  It wasn’t a filibuster because Ted didn’t stop anything in the Senate.  Under Senate rules, no action could be taken on the Continuing Resolution until the following afternoon.  Ted Cruz just took the opportunity to speak.  As long as he could stay standing, he was in control of the floor.

Senator Ted Cruz brought forth a well thought out argument for defunding Obamacare.  The media ignored all the issues he spoke of, like how Congress got themselves exempted.  There are now rules for the rich and powerful and another set of rules for us.

How about all the people who had their hours cut to 29 because their employer couldn’t stay in business under the ObamaCare rules?

How about all the people losing their insurance or the ones receiving massively higher bills?

Mr. Sawyer instead followed most of the left wing-nut media and concentrated on one thing:  Sen Cruz read Green Eggs and Ham on the Senate floor!  Shock! Hang him! Treason!

Not really.  Sen Cruz was reading a bedtime story to his 2 little girls back in Texas.  If Mr. Sawyer didn’t have his head firmly place in the rear end of all the other left-wing media, he could have Googled it.


Go to your browser


I’m typing slow – are you keeping up?

Now type: Cruz Green Eggs and Ham

Hit the Enter key

You will see this picture:

courtesy of
Courtesy of

It was a sweet moment, way above your ability to compute.  Your remarks just mimic most of what is supposedly news in the Pantagraph.  Your left-wing agenda is not only displayed for all to see, you are now marginalized by your contempt for truth.

Did you find a buyer for the downtown building yet?




2 thoughts on “Gary Sawyer proves again why Pantagraph isn’t fit to line a bird cage

  1. The Slantagraph is the most out of touch newspaper that our locals have! Thank God for the BLN News for the real deal news, not created news but reported news! Something that Gary Sawyer and Mark Pickering could NEVER be allowed to do! Newspapers like the Slantagraph keep their readers in the dark because they are totally sold out to the left-wing Progressives and their Obama government like in history with many of Germany’s newspapers when the Nazis were bringing up their dictatorship with their evil messiah Adolph Hitler.

  2. Somewhere between 95-98% of the media is owned by 5-6 major corporations. Their views are corporate, their agenda is control of the people through only feeding them a little bit of news while polishing or covering up whats really going on. Due to the job market being decimated by the signing of free trade agreements and millions of jobs being outsourced, the (treasonous) talking heads are just trying to keep their (despicable as they be) jobs. Have to feed one self some how. The transformation of America by ignoring the U.S. Constitution and any resemblance to the rule of law is destruction from within. The strong willed must continue to stand up and spread the word. Good news is that more and more people everyday are waking up as they are sick and tired of the bullcrap. I still believe that the truth will prevail.

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