Congrats Scott Laughlin

By:  Diane Benjamin Earlier this week Scott had Dick Durbin on his morning show (WJBC).  Since the Farm Bill just passed, it was a hot topic.  The Farm bill is around 80% Food Stamps (SNAP) and nothing to do with farms.  The 20% left enables corporate farms, not the little guys – but that’s a […]

Liberals Unhinged!

by: Diane Benjamin There is nothing funnier than a liberal losing an argument.  Hard as they tried in the past to not reveal their political leanings, not getting exactly what they want brings out their true feelings.  Government and more government.  Government must fix all problems.  Government creates problems?  More government is needed to fix […]

Farm Bill – the real truth

The Democrats have hammered the Republicans for not passing a Farm Bill.  Maybe some facts are needed in the discussion:   Shortly after the November elections, Congress will reconvene for the lame duck session and consider the farm bill at the behest of a bipartisan coalition of statists.  The farm bill is really a food […]