Congrats Scott Laughlin

By:  Diane Benjamin

Earlier this week Scott had Dick Durbin on his morning show (WJBC).  Since the Farm Bill just passed, it was a hot topic.  The Farm bill is around 80% Food Stamps (SNAP) and nothing to do with farms.  The 20% left enables corporate farms, not the little guys – but that’s a different story.  The GOP wanted a work requirement for able-bodied people without kids who receive benefits.

Note:  Able-bodied

Note:  Without kids

Scott asked Dickie why Democrats refused to include that in the final bill.  Dickie mentioned single moms who didn’t have child care, disabled elderly, and people who didn’t have transportation.  He didn’t want to starve them.

Scott didn’t let him get by with those comments.  He repeated what the GOP wanted.  Dickie had to quickly change the topic since he had no answer.

Sometimes I’d like to reach through the radio  to help Scott with some facts.  He took on Dickie all by himself and won.  I hope he realizes the democrats did it for votes.  Free stuff determines who takers vote for.  Democrats can’t afford to let anyone flee the plantation by forcing them to prosper on their own.

I was hoping to find a podcast of the interview, but it looks like they don’t do those anymore.  Even with the lowest unemployment in 60 years, around 40 million people still receive SNAP benefits.  Democrats want it to stay that way.

3 thoughts on “Congrats Scott Laughlin

  1. I know that it is hard for many people (liberals) to believe that there are people out there who don’t want to work…. have no intention of working and are completely happy getting whatever money we (the taxpayers) give to them. And I am not speaking from no experience here…. I have had direct past experience here in this area with people on public assistance. The only way a large percentage of them will work is if you threaten to take away their money. Even then some of them will just not work… no matter what. This is reality and it is not going away because we ignore it or refuse to talk about it.


  2. I predict Scott will be leaving McLean County soon. People who don’t publicly know-tow to the far Left line tend to get “run out of town”. And we are not very far away from a time when they will be marked for Antifa terrorist (Tari’s Enforcers) assassination. It is becoming thing THAT bad–mark my words!


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