Liberals Unhinged!

by: Diane Benjamin

There is nothing funnier than a liberal losing an argument.  Hard as they tried in the past to not reveal their political leanings, not getting exactly what they want brings out their true feelings.  Government and more government.  Government must fix all problems.  Government creates problems?  More government is needed to fix them.

Such was the case with a Pantagraph column by Alan Guebert on Sunday.   They whole column was: US House GOP bad, Senate Democrats wonderful.  Alan wants a farm bill and he wants it now.

The first problem, Alan, is your statement: “But many members of this Congress – mostly the House GOP – simply don’t care about what needs to do done.”  Alan, does $17 Trillion in debt mean anything to you?  Are you for destroying our children’t future with debt?  Maybe the GOP is trying to at least slow the spending.  Besides, 80% of the Farm Bill is welfare.  Details, details.  Obama advertises the food stamp program and enrollment has grown to around 1 in 7 Americans now has an EBT card.  I thought the economy was getting better?  What about all those jobs Obama claims to have created?  Democrats screamed when the GOP wanted to make marginal cuts to the program.

Somehow Alan pivots to a government shutdown.  Yes, it’s possible.  The House GOP controls the purse.  America has elected the GOP to be in-charge of the purse twice.   The GOP has voted to repeal Obamacare close to 40 times.  The President has delayed the employer mandate, the exchanges aren’t ready, health insurance isn’t costing less – in short: ObamaCare is a disaster.  The GOP is willing to fund government, minus ObamaCare.  Besides, it’s not all the GOP.  I’m surprised he didn’t say the TEA Party wing of the GOP, he hasn’t failed to call them by name in the past.

But then Mr. Gubert goes on a anti GOP tirade basically saying America won’t have enough food and it won’t be safe without government.  I guess, according to Alan, companies have a vested interest in killing their customers.  Free markets and the ability to keep the profits of your toil has always provided Americans with an adequate food supply.  But he thinks government has to be involved in:

  • crop insurance
  • meat inspections
  • school lunches
  • export financing

Somehow the discussion turned to immigration reform.  He quoted some misleading facts like 66% want reforms with a path to citizenship.  Actually, polls show Americans want the border sealed first.  Then a path to citizenship will be discussed.  Maybe Alan is just looking for cheap farm labor.  He laments the Senate bill died in the House.  Alan, that’s what happens to almost every bill the House passes and sends to the Senate.  More pesky details.

We are at a crossroads in this country.  Do more Americans want freedom and liberty or are there more Americans who want government to take care of them?  Do more believe government makes good decisions or bad decisions?  Does the Constitution even matter anymore?

Why do liberals think spending money we don’t have is okay?  Are people now incapable of taking care of themselves?   According to Alan, farmers can’t.  They must not be smart enough to develop their own programs for security.  Evidently, government isn’t either.

Mr. Guebert wants you to attend the August town halls with your Congressman.  Most children don’t clean up after themselves, make their beds, and do their homework unless they have no alternative.  A lot of American people won’t be responsible for themselves unless they have no alternative.  Is $17 Trillion of debt enough to make you attend a town hall meeting and tell your Congressman enough spending?

After all, the economy is improving!






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