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I know all - I see all
I know all – I see all
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I hear the IT guys at State Farm can apply for a transfer if they want out of Bloomington-Normal.  Still believe in 10 years they will be employing 15,000 people here?  Did you know the Indians are being sent back to India and will work from there instead?

Maybe government funding of a bypass, Community Center, and soccer fields won’t be needed after all.  Maybe somebody should put the breaks on government spending before it’s too late!  Maybe the school districts wanting sales tax increases for more money should wait too!

How about recall petitions for any elected official voting YES to raise taxes?

Then, how about CIRA?  Arbitrators ruled that nobody wins in their suit against Bevande for $38,000.  What will they do?  Appeal of course!  It’s only taxpayer money.  Taxpayers have plenty of bucks to fund government appeals of every decision that doesn’t go governments way.  Maybe Bloomington set a great example for them.

Speaking of Bloomington, they have so many lawsuits and appeals going I can’t keep track.  Maybe I should buzz by.

Last week a LARGE group of bikers decided to ride east on Route 9.  They did ride single file, but they were spread out for miles.  I guess some people couldn’t keep up.  These are, of course, obstacles for cars to avoid.  Rt 9 is a narrow 2 lane road, speed limit 55 mph.   It is also pretty heavily traveled.  So, for probably 3-4 miles, cars heading east had to wait behind bikes because cars were coming in the opposite direction.  Semi’s were probably involved too.  Legal?  Yes.  Intelligent?  You decide.





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  1. Bikers on a two lane high way are almost as dumb as peeps who stare at their cell phones while crossing the street. Ya can’t fix stupid. (Isn’t their a minimum speed on Rt. 9?) Bicyclists that ignore the law? Never! Funny thing is that they all have to get together and plan their outings to be noticed cause there just IS NOT enough of them out there every day to prove any need for the irresponsible demands.

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