Yes, the Republicans do have a replacement ObamaCare plan!


The centuries-old oath taken by health care professionals reads, “Do no harm.”  It is time for Washington lawmakers to take a similar approach when working to fix the problems that exist in our broken health care system.  Simply repealing the President’s health care law is not enough—it must be replaced.

Conservatives recognize that patient-centered reforms rooted in free markets are the best way to lower costs and solve problems in our health care system.  That is why the Republican Study Committee (RSC) is proud to bring forward a pragmatic, practical, and portable free-market alternative to the current health care system.  Simply put, our bill is a better way forward. Specifically, H.R. 3121, the RSC’s American Health Care Reform Act:

The bill is H.R. 3121. 

And here is a short, concise summary. Very well done.

The only part I cannot agree with is Title 5. It is unconstitutional.

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