League of Women Voters WRONG again.

by:  Diane Benjamin

In 2009 they supported ObamaCare.  How’s that working out for the country?  Part-time nation, higher insurance costs, higher deductibles, businesses not hiring . . .the list of destruction caused by Democrats only passing this law is endless.

Now they are wrong about supporting a progressive income tax for Illinois.  Tax the rich, tax the rich!  That will solve ALL the state’s problems. B******t!

There is NEVER enough money for government!  

The League of Women voters would have you believe the State of Illinois just doesn’t get enough revenue to do everything that has to be funded.

The Real problem is SPENDING:


The League also doesn’t realize a progressive tax would drive even more people out of Illinois!  Here are links to 3 stories:  http://www.nytimes.com/2013/02/07/us/millionaires-consider-leaving-california-over-taxes.html?_r=0



The League of Women voters also believes the new progressive tax will only raise taxes on the wealthy!  Wrong again.  Plans being floated now will raise taxes on anyone making more than $5000.

From former Congressman Joe Walsh:

Statistics show that every 9.5 minutes someone leaves the state of Illinois permanently. Why?  A burden of taxation and regulation that few other states have, other than New York and California and they too are run by the Democrats. Illinois is ready to crash and the media and the Left cannot put a good spin on it.”

Obviously the local League of Women voters has been taken over by left wing radicals.  Their opinions no longer matter and should be completely ignored!

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