Declare WAR on the Wind Industry!

Wind energy is a horrendous waste of time and money.  The federal tax subsidies alone cost America (that’s you, me and future generations who bear this debt load) TWELVE BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR.  That doesn’t include the cost of new high voltage transmission lines needed to deal with the big surges from fickle wind and the need to transmit it to get it to population centers.  For this princely sum, which mostly goes to big corporations like GE and foreign investors, America now gets 4% of its electricity from wind.  That equals about 1% of our total energy portfolio.  Wind doesn’t reduce our usage of oil at all, because we generate electricity with gas, coal and nuclear, not oil.  It would be FAR cheaper, greener, cleaner and nicer to residents to simply install natural gas-fired generators.  We are sitting on an ocean of natural gas, and such generators would take up a tiny footprint, require virtually no extra high power lines, do not chop up raptors and kill endangered bats, and let residents sleep at night.  Wind is so unreliable that we will have to build the gas generators anyway, so wind is a TOTAL waste.  The government should not be spending money we don’t have on a technology that doesn’t work and in fact destroys the habitat for both humans and wildlife.  Carolyn Gerwin, (lawyer & Livingston County Board member)

There are several heart-wrenching comments from people who actually live in wind farms.  See (last two comments).

Nobody who cares about this country should support wind energy.  BTW, even rich, nuke-phobic Germany is having second thoughts.

A Rainbow of Logic


Scientists are divided as to whether global warming is caused by man-made carbon dioxide,

but even if we knew for sure that it was,

Wind energy would not significantly reduce the amount of carbon actually emitted by the US electricity grid taken as a whole

(i.e., with the inefficiencies caused by wind energy)

but even if it did,

Wind energy can never provide more than a small percentage of our electricity

(According to scientists not associated with Big Wind or global warming advocates, even Denmark is stuck at 10%)

but even if it could,

Electricity is a fraction of our energy usage (and virtually none of our oil usage)

but even if it was a significant amount,

Our energy usage accounts for a small amount of carbon compared to natural carbon sources/sinks

but even our part was significant,

Whatever carbon emissions we avoid here will be exported to the developing countries that are taking over our industries

(unless you are willing to deny the poor people of the world the right to improve their quality of life and economic growth, i.e., force them to keep living in miserable poverty and dying young).

Wind Won’t Work!

Only people who want to believe in rainbow-farting unicorns and the fat cats who are getting rich off the tax credits think we should subsidize wind energy. rainbow



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  1. As long as big oil companies got a strangle hold, on energy useage, of autos, trucks, through-out the world , our gas deposits will not be a factor( who’s the blame, our presidents )

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