Koos makes up his own rules

By: Diane Benjamin

Refresh yourself on this story: https://blnnews.com/2021/06/16/stan-is-ethically-challenged-not-even-close-to-the-rest-of-normal/

I apologize to readers, this slipped my mind until I listened to Steve Suess’ show tonight.

What is the Normal Public Comment policy?


Citizens can only talk before the meeting if their comments are germane to the agenda.

What was the agenda for the “attack” Stan meeting?


Attacking Stan wasn’t on the agenda. Stan wasn’t on the agenda. What part of the agenda was Mr. Dullard speaking on Mayor?

The actual agenda you leaked to him?

Chris Koos has the ethics of all the Illinois governors that have served time in jail.

7 thoughts on “Koos makes up his own rules

  1. I can not BEGIN to tell you how glad I am to no longer own any property in Normal. Koos is terrible yes, but Normal has been a chicken shit little wannabe town as long as I can remember, and that’s a long time!

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  2. As an outsider, the Normal council looks more and more like a cesspool and not because of Stan Nord.
    Any business or city without an ethics standard is asking for legal trouble.
    What is Brian Day doing? What are his qualifications?

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  3. Pam and Koos have made Normal’s reputation to be untrustworthy, corrupt, and they have burned many bridges. About the only way to begin to restore the reputation is to fire Pam and a couple staff.

    Giving Pam raises, on an already excessive salary, only worsens the public’s view of Normal’s image.

    Sorry fans of status quo. The establishment hasn’t changed enough to keep things in check. So now you have a PR issue. Half of the town are pissed and growing.

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  4. The town attorney heard the mayor say how long he’s known the manager and that he’d worked with her when he was a council member. Then, the manager cued up the town attorney. Incredibly, all but one council member seemed tone deaf to his ‘advisement.’ Good to know my way around Normal, Illinois. Take your pick I55 or I74.

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  5. From Koos and Pam, to “uptown” and all their other “feel good projects and money pit, normal is a sham. To it’s citizens and the state.. And that PAm makes what she does just reinforces the Peter Principal..


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