District 87 violates the Open Meetings Act

From Edgar County Watchdogs: https://edgarcountywatchdogs.com/2021/06/bloomington-school-district-87-violates-open-meetings-act/?fbclid=IwAR2P_UP6DP2sdvB6N_rnszJdn1zMDt00TU7kr5UfkCT3FABVn9fTFeryjFQ


Bloomington School District 87 has been violating the Open Meetings Act by demanding people reveal their home addresses in order to participate in public comment.

The Illinois Attorney General has already issued multiple opinions, at least as far back as 2014, stating that requiring addresses to speak, or even to attend, during public meetings violated the Open Meetings Act.

“. . . the Attorney General noted that the plain language of Section 2.06(g) does not require that a person provide his or her address before he or she can speak.  Moreover, a person’s right to comment at a public meeting under Section 2.06(g) is not contingent upon where he or she resides.  Thus, the Attorney General found that requiring a speaker to disclose his or her home address before addressing the public body would have a chilling effect on individuals who wish to speak at public meetings—and, as such, is inconsistent with the Open Meetings Act.”

D87 should reconsider its unlawful requirement of providing a home address as a prerequisite for providing public comment.

Example videos of parents being told they had to provide an address are in the story. The kids that spoke, knowing video was being taken of them, simply complied.

Also note parents who spoke were mostly not wearing masks. Every kid who spoke had been conditioned to leave theirs’s on and not question authority.

8 thoughts on “District 87 violates the Open Meetings Act

  1. Why do they want addresses? Harassment? Retaliation? Send thugs to break knees? Add them to the auto warranty mailing list? These people need to he held accountable but are they protected somehow? small time govt at this level acting this way is ridiculous (although not surprising). Even small time thinks they are above the law? Karma’s a bitch.

    1. Their logic no doubt is proof of living in district 87. But they need to realize they have no more right to this information than say asking for voter ID No matter they are violating the law. Move over Koos you got company!.

    2. The speakers who had to give their addresses should file a lawsuit against D87 for violating the law; the Open Meetings Act. Possibly file a class-action lawsuit. If nothing else. Itmay serve as a deterrent in the future for the D87 not to decide to ignore the law as they may see fit, when concerned about controlling the dialogue and/or transparency.

  2. Those who were required to provide their addresses, need to file a lawsuit against D87 for violation of the law. Possibly a class-action lawsuit. That would get the attention of the D87 Board, and may serve in the future as a deterrent for the Board not to try and run the show any way they desire. I would also see to it that the addresses be stricken from the Board’s minutes.

  3. Is OMA knowledge required learning for the school’s officers, board members, and the district’s attorney? Otherwise, they’ve made a horrible case for a certain many others to acquire and practice ignorance.

      1. I realize OMA training is required. And that the Illinois AG delivery process for such “training” may have been recently compromised. But this is about a school district educating students that have already been trained on how to use the restroom.

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