Future Illinois teachers will be TRAINED to teach Critical Race Theory

By: Diane Benjamin

Of course Illinois doesn’t call it that, we’ve seen the School Boards using alternate terms to disguise what is happening.

Illinois calls it: Culturally Responsive Teaching and Leading Standards

In other words, we aren’t a melting pot of Americans. Kids will be educated based on the color of their skin and their family origins.

That is Critical Race Theory

See this document from the Illinois State Board of Education, it screams if you aren’t white you don’t fit in therefore we have to educate you differently: https://www.isbe.net/Documents/CRTL.pdf#search=Culturally%20Responsive

Before the last election I emailed every current school board member in both District 87 and Unit 5 about this program. Only one bothered to answer, note all the people she copied (the rest of the board):

Your kids will not only have to compete against their peers in the future, Americans have to compete against the rest of the developed world. So how does the education your kids gets stack up?


This website ranks local school districts against education in these countries:

How do some of the local districts compare? This report is from 12 years ago but I doubt the results have changed much:

Unit 5 covers more than Normal, so it is listed as McLean County

Instead of teaching based on skin color, how about actually preparing kids for the future with basics?

America used to lead the world in education, the Department of Education needs abolished and control of schools returned to local school boards.

Don’t believe they are pushing teaching by race? See their website:








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  1. for the amount of money I spend on property taxes for 19 years, I want a refund. Dr Jill has an ed phd. just another clownonly my daughter we to nchs for a year. other wise all 4 kids went to cornestone Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

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