A Comment that didn’t get posted

By: Diane Benjamin

Posting comments is at my discretion. This is my site and I can do anything I want with it. Sometimes I allow the ridiculous because I know readers will deal with them. Sometimes I just don’t feel like explaining the obvious to people who don’t care.

I’m really good at telling who is here for a conversation and who isn’t. Those who bloviate get deleted.

The comment below was posted to the Future Teachers story yesterday. https://blnnews.com/2021/06/24/future-illinois-teachers-will-be-trained-to-teach-critical-race-theory/

This guy tried twice, both were deleted. He doesn’t understand teaching doesn’t have to be titled “critical race theory” to be CRT.

Here’s the facts Dave:

The purpose of education is preparing young minds to be productive adults. Race or culture plays no part in creating productive citizens unless you want them indoctrinated to believe they need government to help them. Only one political party believes that and union dues from teachers play a big part in funding that party. It’s no surprise some teachers would create democrats instead of teaching without bias.

The kids need taught early they are capable of achieving whatever goals they set for themselves because they live in America. I spoke at the District 87 School Board meeting, not because I wanted to – I had to. Since I was the one filming there is no video. When I mentioned anyone can succeed in America there were loud groans from the kids. They are not only being taught the fake history of the 1619 Project, they are being taught they have no future. At the Unit 5 School Board meeting many kids didn’t participate in the Pledge of Allegiance. We have people on both local city council who do not say the Pledge of Allegiance.

We used to have one common value that glued the country together: We were proud to be Americans. Many kids no longer believe that because of the lies they are being taught in government schools.

People from all over the world immigrate legally to America for one reason: Freedom. If you have never witnessed a naturalization ceremony, watch the first 20 minutes of the below. Have your kids watch the whole thing!

Did you know the Star Spangled Banner has two verses? Both are on this video.

25 people from 15 countries came to America to be Americans. They said the Pledge of Allegiance. They denounced their previous country and it’s government to be Free in America.

Dave Stafford: The ceremony was the same for all of them. There was no Culturally Responsive oath. If you don’t understand dividing people by race, culture, or skin color destroys freedom and liberty, please attend the next naturalization ceremony and see what America is really all about. America is the shining beacon on the hill, the light dims every time a kid is taught this isn’t the country where anything is possible.

8 thoughts on “A Comment that didn’t get posted

  1. If you know anything about CRT and you read the Culturally Responsive Teaching Standards, you know they come from the same rotten root. Within the new standards you WILL find that it is built on these CRT principles.

    1. Define all individuals as members of groups.
    2. Rank the groups according to a subjective scale from oppressive to oppressed.
    3. Establish that all institutions in America are systemically racist, even the schools (don’t define the term “systemically racist”)
    4. Establish that it is everyone’s responsibility to tear down current and rebuild all of the oppressive institutions, including the schools themselves (read it).
    5. Establish that the “ranking” power group (whites) are inherently oppressive and must value themselves in this light. All the oppressed groups must do likewise.
    6. All knowledge is subject to one’s “lived experience”. Correct and incorrect are now relative to the group you belong to.
    7. In order to fix the problem, equality is replace with equity. Which means decisions (including discipline – yes, read the standard) are made on the basis of the group you belong to.

    This is CRT and it is incorporated in our new Culturally Responsive Teaching Standards.

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  2. Since you aren’t here to learn or have a discussion – your comment was deleted as will all other bloviations.

    Thanks for playing, get your own site,



  3. I have had the opportunity to be able to know several of my relatives (and other people) who came here from other countries, they all said becoming a citizen was one of the proudest days of their lives. One of my relatives retained her citizenship in another country and had dual citizenship, but when we went there one time and she was told she could stay there as long as she liked she said “Oh I know, but I”ll be going back with them in 6 weeks, America is my home” That touches me to this day, because the country she came from is absolutely beautiful, and while she still loved her place of birth, her childhood and young adulthood, she loved America even more. Another spoke of when they were coming in to New York and how everyone crowded on deck of the ship to see the Statue of Liberty and how proud they all were to have made that long trip to this country to start anew, and they didn’t come with much, but they got work, and they eventually bought homes. America is NOT perfect, but we are still young, in fact, when compared with many other countries, but we have pushed through many of our problems, I can’t understand why some want to cling to them so desperately, and those are the same people who do their best to tell others that they can’t succeed without special privileges or without a ton of government help (with strings attached). There will always be poor people, every country has them, yes even the paradises some like to hold up such as Denmark, Sweden and Norway. I’ve seen them. Also, if you want to see how well the government takes care of people, especially when they separate them, just go to pretty much any reservation. By the way “Culturally responsive teaching” is truly just the primer for Critical Race Theory, (I find it just precious that it even has the same initials) and most good teachers already are aware of some cultural differences among their students, good teachers don’t let that hold a student back, nor does he or she hold back others because of the differences, you expect all to do their best. There is NOTHING more insidious or more crippling than the bigotry of low expectations.

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    1. Excellent post. The people that promote CRT and other like junk are in reality, mad at a parent, guardian or themselves for how they were raised or the environment they have spent their childhood in. Life at times is definitely not fair but the people that preceded my generation had it much, much, tougher and most persevered in some way. What CRT and other social justice movements basically are is an excuse mechanism for all types of personal failures. Those that promoted it to children are dishing out the cruelest of child abuse. It is part and parcel of a far left political strategy to destroy the capitalistic base of the country. CRT comes from the Marxist “critical theory” that has been promoted by Communists for years.

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      1. “What CRT and other social justice movements basically are is an excuse mechanism for all types of personal failures. Those that promoted it to children are dishing out the cruelest of child abuse. It is part and parcel of a far left political strategy to destroy the capitalistic base of the country.”

        The Left hates it when people have figured out their scams and put it out there in plain English – as you just did. They flutter and fuss terribly, call you names and now they also tear stuff up like overgrown toddlers having a fit. They would be far funnier though if they had not also become quite dangerous. This what happens though when toddlers are allowed to run the show, and the spoiled rotten toddlers have been running the show for too long while the adults were busy building businesses and working on farms and building houses and roads and serving in the military and as police and fire personnel and the like they were huddled in their little academic bubbles and having their meetings planning on how they can tear it all down and recruiting their ‘foot soldiers” from the underclasses that they helped create and keep down so they can use them as foot soldiers.

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  4. “formerly called “useful idiots” – precisely – their tactics really have not changed in over a century, just tweaked a bit here and there especially when the masses became aware of them and they lost their original clout, and as various technologies became available those too were utilized for “the cause/the struggle”.

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