Proof 1619 Project isn’t history

By: Diane Benjamin

Local school Districts claim the 1619 Project isn’t being taught. Obviously it is since numerous students mentioned it at the District 87 School Board meeting.

See this article, the author even admits it isn’t history:

Nikole Hannah-Jones won a Pulitzer prize for her fiction however. First the Nobel Prize (Obama) diminishes itself, now Pulitzer.

Jones calls her work journalism. Journalism has no credibility because of people like Jones.



Jones didn’t even get her fake history right. The 1619 Project was created to REPLACE history instead of inform.

Portugal settled what is now Brazil. They brought 4.5 million slaves from Africa.

How many slaves were brought to the colonies? 388,000. An estimated 10.7 million slaves survived the trip to the New World, but the colonies only had 388,000!


Note who published those facts: PBS.

Kids are being taught to hate America as a racist country. District 87 should be ashamed of what they did to kids in their system.

One more thing: The 3/5ths clause.

It never meant blacks were 3/5ths a person. The south wanted to count slaves when deciding how many representatives they had in Congress. Of course slaves wouldn’t be allowed to vote.

The north countered with if you count property we will count our cattle. After all, both are property according to you.

The 3/5ths clause was the compromise reached, it is an anti-slavery statement because the south could easily increase their representation by freeing the slaves.

It took a civil war instead of common sense.

Even former black slave Fredrick Douglas knew that:


Teach your kids the truth, the schools sure aren’t.







6 thoughts on “Proof 1619 Project isn’t history

  1. Start a counter movement preying on their own words. Instead of CRT, use CHT, critical human theory. Discussion leads to the person or persons rahter than defining racial tones. If alternative news sites (as there are many)


  2. ,,,con’t,,,,were to lead and plant more specific comebacks such retort might lead to better positioning in the information, education wars.


  3. If only proof and facts meant something these days.
    If they did the 1619 project would have died a quick death.
    Lies that fit a narrative are just as valid as truth to these people.
    We live in a cartoon world.

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  4. I think we should begin weeding out these “so-called educators!”  They’re supposed to be teaching from the books as opposed to their beliefs!!  Ron 

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